Dockrell celebrates the wicket of Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. ©INPHO/Sportzpics

Follow Friday: It's George Dockrell

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Cricket is not the easiest sport to follow, is it? There is no barrage of advertisements and hype building up to every game. No salacious behaviour from the players to make the public eye unavoidable.

Indeed, spot-fixing is the only despicable behaviour really capable of getting chins wagging.

Then, when you finally track down a game which might grab your interest it takes bloody days – or a few hours at the very least.

Now, (I don’t like it) I love cricket so we really need it hitting the headlines more regularly than a single week in every four years.

That’s not an imminent scenario, but you can at least make cricket a daily occurrence on your Twitter timeline.

If you’re not already familiar with the Irish cricket team, George Dockrell is the young tyro testing the opposition’s batting skills to the limit.

A left-arm bowler, the personal highlight of his career this far is probably the dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar during last year’s World Cup – speaking of which, didn’t he help us beat England there aswell?

Still just 19, Dockers tweets are funny and understated. Moreover they take you behind the scenes of a sport we see all-too-rarely, guided by a man you will be seeing plenty of in future.

So, how do you follow cricket? By following George Dockrell, of course.

Follow Friday: It's George Dockrell
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  • You know how it is.

    You get four men lined up in order of their height so you just have to celebrate with a can of Fosters.
  • Yep, that South Dublin drawl can be difficult to place, alright.

  • Oh, the dread.

    *Beep... you shut your eyes, think you're about to drift off... *Beep!
  • Hope your gettin' paid for this, son.

  • It was not one to be missed.

  • Japes.

    There is just no place to hide from dressing room pranksters.
  • How old is he trying to make Joyce feel?

    'Very' I'd say. The England test international is only 33.
  • Reinventing the wheel.

    The wonders of modern science.
  • Probably best to avoid the old left arm spin that day.