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Gallery: What the Olympians did next

While many are still lapping up the limelight, some are happy to continue the hard work, go fishing or have a nice game of dominoes.

Gallery: What the Olympians did next
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  • Michael Phelps is so good at swimming he went on holidays and caught a fish.

  • Many Irish Olympians have hazy memories of their night out in The Palace.

  • Stephanie Rice is bracing her armpit for Brazil 2016.

  • Tom Daley got his A level results. He's quite good at Spanish.

  • David Rudisha is playing some banging tunes.

  • The fastest man on the planet might be appearing at a cinema near you.

  • Poor Asafa Powell limped back to a low-key lifestyle.

  • The US Gymnasts are glammed up and enjoying their new-found fame.

  • Chad le Clos took a 17-year-old girl to the debs.

  • Paddy Barnes is headed west.

  • Katie Taylor says she's off to Ibiza.

  • Stephen Kiprotich returned to Uganda and was given a promotion, a house and a lot of money.

  • Kevin Love is hitting the wieghts in preparation for a new NBA season.

  • LeBron James is just taking the kids to school.

  • Michael Conlan had a mural painted, but lost his phone...

  • ... he also gave the Taoiseach some bunny ears.

  • No rest for Cian O'Connor, he's jumping fences at the Horse Show.

  • Ryan Lochte is getting interviewed by everybody in America...

  • ... and he's an actor now.