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May 2023
# Green Day
'Ben Healy is going to be a name that you're gonna be listening to for a long time'
Healy delivered one of Irish cycling’s great days at the Giro d’Italia on Saturday.
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# Green Day
Where are the biggest parades today and what is happening across this weekend?
A quickfire run-through of cultural events across the country.
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# Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong tells a Trump supporting fan to 'f**k off' and stop listening to Green Day records
“If that’s the way you feel about mass destruction and murder, then f**k off.”
# Green Day
Green Day weren't told that an acrobat had died in front of 35,000 festival goers before they performed
They took to Twitter to apologise and offer condolences.
# celebs
Green Day visited the first ever bar they played in Dublin... only to find that it's now a Starbucks
On the boulevard of broken dreams…
# Green Day
Everything you need to know about Paddy's Day celebrations around the country
There’s a lot on in Dublin, but there’s a lot more going around the country this St Patrick’s Day.
# political statement
Green Day chants "No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA" at American Music Awards
The American rock band repeatedly denounced Trump during the election campaign.
# Green Day
New Kildare boss O'Neill watches as 14-man Sarsfields snatch dramatic county title
Conor Tiernan sent off, but Sash battle on to clinch the title.
# Green Day
Sensational Limerick are U21 champions after Wexford rout
The Treatymen had a whopping 16 points to spare in Semple Stadium.
# i saw the sign
These teenagers tried to identify 90s music and you're old and everything is awful
“I just know it from Pitch Perfect”.
# galileo galileo
Here's what happens when you play Bohemian Rhapsody in a stadium
It’s pretty epic.
# Tragic
Green Day pays tribute to Irish fan Kaelem
The band were made aware of the teen’s tragic death following a Twitter campaign.
# stage rage
Video: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day loses it in on-stage rant
He was very, very angry.
# Green Day
Dan Boyle: Performance of Phil Hogan could help Green Party's return
The former Green Party chairman says the current environment minister is “as good an anti-Green as we could get”.
# Green Day
Irish Eye: Quinn's worth a derby draw for Blades
It was a quiet weekend for the boys in green in England’s top divisions, but there were plenty of goals in the lower leagues. Here’s the weekly round-up.
# Green Day
We're on the march.. Ireland jump three spots in world rankings
Slow and steady wins the race for Trap while England are now, apparently, the fourth best team in the world according to FIFA.
# Daily Fix
Daily Fix: Monday
You wait for so long for an election to come around, and then when it does… just four days left until polling.