Cupid's archery

Happy Valentine's Day to these 7 power couples of sport

These lovebirds are almost enough to make you sick.

FOR THE DAY THAT’S in it, let’s here it for the these lovely young (and, eh, ‘formerly young’) fit people at the top of their game and still weak at the knees, head over heels in love. Grab a bouquet, a box of chocolates and (in case of nausea) a paper bag as we pay tribute to Cupid’s finest work.

Rory McIlroy / Caroline Wozniacki (‘Wozzilroy’)

Perhaps the number one couple in all of sport – so synonymous with one another that the mashed up version of their name has an instant recognition factor.

Northern Ireland’s supremely talented stick-ball merchant and Denmark’s finest racket-whacker look like the perfect geeky couple made good.

Now, if only Carol can sort out that unsightly Adidas gear so they can wear matching Swooshes.

Fred Beckham/Press Association Images

Zara Phillips / Mike Tindall (‘Phill-all’? ‘Tind-ipps’… ‘Mike Phillips’?)

Unlike the Wozzilroys, all round royal horsey type Zara Phillips and champion dwarf-thrower Mike Tindall have gone through the sporty whole royal wedding thing.

Their life is one of married bliss. She, with her Olympic silver medal in eventing. Himself with a Six Nations trophy and everlasting memories from a lads-on-tour trip of a life time to New Zealand during RWC 2011.

Andrew Milligan/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Steffi Graf / Andre Agassi (‘Standre Grassi’)

The greatest power couple ever to string up a pair of his and hers rackets. Graf won 22 Grand Slam events and Agassi won eight on the men’s circuit before writing a book about how much he hated the sport and loved a bit of crystal meth. Yet they all lived happily ever after.

Derval O’Rourke/ Peter O’Leary (‘O’Reary’)

The queen of Irish athletics and the hoary old, eh… sea captain of Irish sailing. They’re both from Cork, but they’re also quite competitive – Derval once mentions that Peter reckons he could beat her in a 100 metre sprint – so we bet they get on like a house on fire.

©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Sanya Richards / Aaron Ross (‘Sanron’)

Given that we never did get to see O’Reary race, the award for fastest couple will have to go to this pair.

Sanya Richards-Ross has four Olympic 400 metre golds to her name, including on from the individual event in London 2012. Her husband, twice a Super Bowl champion with the Giants and current Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback, Aaron Ross, can run really fast too… just not over as long a distance.

40 yards is more his thing, running that distance he’s been clocked as low as 4.35 seconds. POWER couple.

David J. Phillip/AP/Press Association Images

Justin Verlander / Kate Upton (‘Uplander’… or maybe just ‘Kate Upton and yer man’)

Get outtadaway Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker, there’s a new primary athlete / swimsuit model item on display.

Verlander is a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers who were runners-up in the World Series this year. If you don’t know who Kate Upton is, then you clearly need your Sports Illustrated subscription renewed – she’s like, sorta their Antarctic correspondent or something.

SI screengrab. Paul Sancya/Press Association Images

Brian O’Driscoll /Amy Huberman (Mr and Mrs BOD)

Okay, so Mrs Huberman-O’Driscoll hasn’t won big in her chosen sport (yet), but the day is coming. She’s just had a baby, give her time. Sheesh.

Crispin Rodwell/Press Association Images

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