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Have a cringey Christmas! 10 seasonal greetings from the world of sport

Plus, Mario Balotelli gets amgry while decorating a cake.

‘KAKA, I’LL DO the talking. You just shut up and wave, okay?’

‘Okay, Cristiano.’

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Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Gooch in a Santy hat.

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If Rob Gronkowski wants to wish you a happy Christmas, it’s probably best he does it from nowhere near your home. Safer that way.

YouTube credit: Becky Murdy

You want the San Jose Sharks singing Jingle Bells in a variety of styles -including a monotone Canadian accent? Voila.

YouTube credit: streakypro

But nothing is quite as monotone and lacking Christmas spirit as Alexandr Kolarov reading the words of Jingle Bells from a clipboard.

YouTube credit: mcfcofficial

Sick of Jingle Bells yet? Oh, well then you won’t be interested in this from Kobe, the Lakers… and the Laker girls.

YouTube credit: rebornatm23

Who needs singing? Here’s a good old fashioned succinct ’happy holidays’ from the Ohio gymnastics team that’s so dripping with Mom’s-Apple-Pie American spirit you’ll need a shot of insulin.

YouTube credit:Brutus Buckeye

They have Christmas outside the United States too. But in Perth they celebrate by getting their biceps out on the beach and pumping some iron.

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In 1999 the NFL want to convey this message about making a difference.

Uughgghhh!  So much schmaltz.

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He’s last but he is never, ever the least. Here’s Mario Balotelli showing goodwill to all men, in between cursing and throwing down his cake decorating equipment. He blames it on being left-handed.

YouTube credit: mcfcofficial

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