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From Horse to a hero nun: Football's best viral moments of 2016

The ‘best fans in the world’ make more than one appearance.

FOOTBALL, BLOODY HELL! Here are some of the scenes that got us chuckling and clicking this year.

Horse 1 Window 0

Horse! Horse! Horse!

wekhowekho / YouTube

Ole Ole O-neigh!

Cristiano Ronaldo just couldn’t keep his clothes on

Steward ignores perfect pass direct to his feet

Either Michael Bostwick needs to double check where his team-mates are, or Peterborough need a kit that can’t be confused with standard steward wear.

Spotlight / YouTube

Louis van Gaal perfected the dive

It’s not every eccentric 64-year-old that would fling himself to the floor in front of 75,000 people.

ShivDes357 / YouTube

Joleon Lescott’s arse is surprisingly good at tweeting

Everyone else’s arse just tweets nonsense, the then Aston Villa defender managed tweet this image of this right flash motor in the hours after losing 6 – 0 to Liverpool.


Clean up for the Boys in Green

We took the whole ‘greatest fans in the world’ thing very seriously at Euro 2016.

COYBIG / YouTube


Or so the former Everton boss believed during this Jason DeRulo gig.

Ne Ba / YouTube

Ah Jaysus, Jogi

Even in the privacy of your own home, this is odd.

MamsON TV / YouTube

Never meet your heroes

Especially not you, Jamie Vardy lookalike.

Evan Johnson / YouTube

Steve McClaren’s excellent analysis after England equalised against Iceland

CNN / YouTube

By the end of the game, this is what Iceland was listening to

Guðmundur Benediktsson sounded suspiciously like a dying man, but it turned out to be just unbridled joy.

SolarVideos / YouTube

The Thunderclap got waaaaay out of hand by the end of the summer, but left with Iceland it’s a thing of beauty

It was a fine year for Nordic football overall… except for the time San Marino scored against Norway

Football WTF / CTTX Entertainment/YouTube

Homage for honesty of effort

RTÉ Sport / YouTube

The lads dedicate one to all the nuns out there