Shane Long's Vegas stag was 'tame enough' and other things we learned from Kevin Doyle

The Ireland striker was a guest on Ray Darcy’s show today.

WEXFORD’S FAVOURITE SOCCER player Kevin Doyle is currently enjoying the last days of his summer break before he gets back to work on Monday morning. The Wolves and Ireland spoke to Ray D’Arcy who broadcast from Hook Head earlier. Here’s what we learned.

Shane Long’s wedding in Vegas pretty lame

Sharight, Kevin!

Five nights in Sin City with ’15 nuts Tipp fellas’. Unfortunately, he wasn’t asked if that’s actually a Livestrong wristband on the West Brom forward.

He doesn’t know where he’ll be playing next season

“There’s always talk of this, that and the other but honestly I don’t know what’s happening. We’ve been relegated but I don’t know, we’ll see.” Sounds like he doesn’t fancy plying his trade in League One, understandably. Anyone got Neil Lennon’s number.

But he was at a wedding with Leeds manager Brian McDermott recently

Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire/Press Association Images

But SuperKev says he won’t be popping up at Elland Road.

He reckons we’re in a good position for World Cup qualification

“After the last couple of games we’re sitting nicely, going into the last couple of game if we can get a couple of god results in September, ” he said. “The mood has changed amongst everyone. It’s amazing what a few good results do; not just for the players but outside that — talking to fans and if you read the papers — I think it’s a bit more upbeat”

There is no Robbie Keane debate

One Wexford football fan asked is it time for a ‘lazy’ Robbie Keane to take a step back. “His record is ridiculous,” said Robbie’s sometime-partner, “nearly better than anyone in the world at that level. So I don’t think there is a debate really. There’s plenty of other lads to do the running around.”

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