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Know your sport? Prove it in our weekly quiz

We look back at a week encompassing UFC 189, Dublin’s Leinster final win and many more memorable moments.

Dundalk were beaten 2-1 in the Champions League this week, but who scored the vital away goal for the Irish side?
Richie Towell
Chris Shields

David McMillan
Daryl Horgan
How much did Conor McGregor make approximately per minute on Saturday night?

How many points did Dublin beat Westmeath by in the Leinster SFC final?
15 points
18 points

11 points
13 points
Which county is Paul Dunne - the Irish amateur golfer competing in the Open this week - from?

Where did Robin van Persie learn he was being sold by Man United, according to Louis van Gaal?
In the dressing room
On the club's golf day

While he was on holiday
On a night out
Why was Lewis Hamilton reportedly denied entry to the Royal Box at Wimbledon?
He booed Andy Murray
He had too much to drink.

He failed to adhere to the strict dress code.
He swore at an official.
Which famous footballer turned up at UFC 189?
Lionel Messi
Wayne Rooney

Luis Suarez
Which player made his return to Leinster this week?
Fionn Carr
Andrew Conway

Jamie Hagan
Jonathan Sexton
Lance Armstrong reappeared at the Tour de France this week, but which former footballer's cancer charity was he involved with?
Geoff Thomas
Rodney Marsh

Neil Webb
Paul Parker
The Irish cricket side’s 21-game winning run came to an end against which team?
Papua New Guinea

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