As It Happened: Mayo v Derry, Tipp v Westmeath, Donegal v Longford - GAA match tracker

It was a busy evening of qualifier action, both football and hurling.

Hello and welcome along to our coverage of a busy evening of All-Ireland qualifier action, both football and hurling. We’ll be providing updates here for three matches:

All-Ireland senior football championship qualifiers:

  • Mayo v Derry, Elverys MacHale Park, Castlebar, 5pm (Live on RTÉ2)
  • Donegal v Longford, Ballybofey, 5pm

All-Ireland senior hurling championship qualifiers:

  • Tipperary v Westmeath, Semple Stadium, 5pm

Here’s how the sides are set to line out at MacHale Park.


1. David Clarke

2. Brendan Harrison
3. Ger Cafferkey
4. Chris Barrett

5. Colm Boyle
6. Lee Keegan
7. Patrick Durcan

8. Seamus O’Shea
9. Tom Parsons

10. Fergal Boland
11. Diarmuid O’Connor
12. Stephen Coen

13. Kevin McLoughlin
14. Cillian O’Connor
15. Andy Moran


1. Ben McKinless

2. Niall Keenan
3. Brendan Rogers
4. Karl McKaigue

5. Ciaran McFaul
6. Christopher McKaigue
7. Carlus McWilliams Baile

8. Conor McAtamney
9. Danny Heavron

10. Ryan Bell
11. Niall Loughlin
12. Enda Lynn

13. Danny Tallon
14. Emmett McGuckin
15. Benny Heron

Just as that posted, we’ve had two late changes in the Mayo camp. Aidan O’Shea and Donal Vaughan now start.

Meanwhile, 17. Michael McEvoy replaces 14. Emmett McGuckin on the Derry starting team.

Donegal and Longford left it late to name their teams, but here’s a look.


1. Mark Anthony McGinley

2. Paddy McGrath
3. Neil McGee
4. Caolan Ward

5. Ryan McHugh
6. Frank McGlynn
7. Eoghan ‘Ban’ Gallagher

8. Jason McGee
9. Ciaran Thompson

10. Michael Carroll
11. Martin O’Reilly
12. Eoin McHugh

13. Patrick McBrearty
14. Michael Murphy
15. Cian Mulligan


1. Paddy Collum

2. Diarmuid Masterson
3. Padraig McCormack
4. Barry Gilleran

5. Donal McElligott
6. Michael Quinn
7. Dessie Reynolds

8. John Keegan
9. David McGivney

10. Daniel Mimnagh
11. James McGivney
12. Darren Gallagher

13. Robbie Smyth
14. Liam Connerton
15. Barry McKeon

Tipp and Westmeath have also shown their hand ahead of the hurling action.


1. Daragh Mooney

2. Donagh Maher
3. Tomás Hamill
4. James Barry

5. Joe O’Dwyer
6. Ronan Maher
7. Padraic Maher

8. Brendan Maher
9. Noel McGrath

10. Dan McCormack
11. Patrick Maher
12. Michael Breen

13. John O’Dwyer
14. Seamus Callanan
15. Niall O’Meara


1. Paddy Carroll

2. Shane Power
3. Tommy Doyle
4. Gary Greville

5. Aaron Craig
6. Paul Greville
7. Liam Varley

8. Aonghus Clarke
9. Robbie Greville

10. Joey Boyle
11. Killian Doyle
12. Derek McNicholas

13. Allan Devine
14. Niall Mitchell
15. Niall O Brien

Joe Brolly has received a warm welcome in Castlebar.

Joe Brolly greets fans before the game Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

Joe Brolly greets fans before the game Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

“I just can’t bring myself to predict a Mayo win,” he laughs, on RTÉ2. “But I can see the logic of it!”

Late change in Ballybofey – Michael Langan starts for Donegal in place of Cian Mulligan.

We’re underway at MacHale Park. Donegal and Longford, and Tipperary and Westmeath are have also thrown in around the grounds.

Mayo 0-1 Derry 0-0

1min – Perfect start as Cillian O’Connor hits a free.

Tipperary 0-0 Westmeath 0-2

Allan Devine and Niall O’Brien get proceedings underway at Semple Stadium.

Donegal 0-0 Longford 0-1

The visitors draw first blood in Donegal.

Tipperary 0-2 Westmeath 0-2

Meanwhile, the reigning All-Ireland champions Tipp have leveled matters after Westmeath’s dream start and it’s 0-2 a-piece.

Mayo 0-1 Derry 0-1

6mins – Niall Loughlin points a free. Derry are putting Mayo under pressure, and creating chances.

Tipperary 0-4 Westmeath 0-4

John O’Dwyer and Killian Doyle exchange scores.

Donegal 0-1 Longford 0-1

Michael Murphy opens his account with a free.

Mayo 0-2 Derry 0-2 

10mins – Loughlin scores his second. Lovely point.

Tipperary 0-5 Westmeath 0-4

Brendan Maher splits the posts.

Tipperary 0-7 Westmeath 0-4

11mins – Seamus Callanan nails two consecutive frees.

Longford 0-2 Donegal 0-1

13mins – David McGivney takes the lead for Longford through a free-kick.

Kevin McLoughlin with Michael McEvoy Mayo's Kevin McLoughlin and Michael McEvoy in action. Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

Tipperary 1-8 Westmeath 0-4

16mins – John O’Dwyer taps into an empty net.

Mayo 0-2 Derry 0-4

17mins – The visitors have taken a two-point lead in Castlebar.

Mayo 0-3 Derry 0-4

19mins – Nearly a goal for Mayo. Andy Moran’s effort hits the angle of the crossbar and there’s a scramble around the goal, but it’s kept out. Important stop by Ben McKinless with his feet.

Tipperary 1-9 Westmeath 0-4

19mins – Callanan tags on another free.

Donegal 0-1 Longford 0-2

19mins – No change to the score in Ballybofey, but qualifier kings Longford are living up to their names. Donegal are struggling.

Mayo 0-4 Derry 0-5

23mins – O’Connor slots over another free-kick. Three from three. Aidan O’Shea has left the pitch as a blood sub.

Donegal 0-2 Longford 0-3

22mins – Paddy McBrearty hits Donegal’s first point from play, in response to McGivney’s previous free.

Mayo 0-5 Derry 0-5

26mins – Derry with a dangerous attack, and a goal chance but Mayo escape. Lee Keegan fists over at the other end. We’re level for the third time.

Tipperary 1-9 Westmeath 0-7

27mins – Derek McNicholas and Paul Greville keep Westmeath in touch.

Michael Breen and Aaron Craig Tipperary’s Michael Breen and Westmeath’s Aaron Craig. Ken Sutton / INPHO Ken Sutton / INPHO / INPHO

Mayo 0-6 Derry 0-7

31mins – O’Connor ties matters with another free, but Loughlin edges the visitors ahead with one at the other end. It’s his fourth score, three of them have come from frees.

Tipperary 1-9 Westmeath 0-9

31mins – Just three between the sides as Allan Devine adds another to give the Westmeath fans something to shout about.

Donegal 0-2 Longford 0-4

33mins – A third free from McGivney to put Longford two up. Just two points from Donegal in 33 minutes, one of them a free.

Mayo 0-7 Derry 0-8

37mins – Loughlin edges Derry in front as the half-time whistle sounds.

Tipperary 1-10 Westmeath 0-9

Ronan Maher point as the clock runs down.

Half-time around the grounds.

  • Mayo 0-7 Derry 0-8
  • Donegal 0-3 Longford 0-4
  • Tipperary 1-10 Westmeath 0-9

Lee Keegan palms the ball over the bar Lee Keegan palmed over a score in the first half. Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

Seamus Callanan and Shane Power Seamus Callanan and Shane Power in action. Ken Sutton / INPHO Ken Sutton / INPHO / INPHO

So, what do we think so far?

Can Derry push on to cause a shock in Castlebar? What’s going on in Ballybofey? How are Westmeath coping with the reigning All-Ireland champions?

Let us know in the comments section below.

We’re back underway at MacHale Park.

Diarmuid O’Connor — a late omission — is on for Fergal Boland.

Mayo 0-7 Derry 0-9

36mins – Another super score from Ryan Bell. Stephen Coen and Ciaran McFaul are both booked for an off the ball incident.

Tipperary 1-11 Westmeath 0-9

Callanan opens proceedings in Thurles with another free.

Donegal 0-3 Longford 0-5

Robbie Smyth gets Longford’s second half off to a good start.

Mayo 0-9 Derry 0-9

40mins – We’re level for the sixth time in Castlebar, as O’Connor makes no mistake with a free.

Donegal 0-4 Longford 0-5

41mins – Michael Murphy points a free.

Tipperary 1-11 Westmeath 0-11 

Three between the sides in Thurles. It’s a one score game.

Mayo 0-9 Derry 0-10

45mins – Diarmuid O’Connor has a long range effort, which drops short. His brother Cillian has a goal chance with the rebound but it sweeps across the face of goal. Fantastic score from Danny Heavron to put Derry ahead.

Donegal 0-5 Longford 0-5

Martin McElhinney levels matters from play.

Mayo 0-10 Derry 0-10

50mins – Andy Moran’s rocket hits the post, and McKinless pulls off a super save to deny O’Connor. He nails the subsequent 45, his seventh score of the day.

Tipperary 1-12 Westmeath 0-12

45mins – John O’Dwyer with the free, but Westmeath show true character and it’s a one score game yet again.

Donegal 0-6 Longford 0-6

Paddy McBrearty puts Donegal ahead, but Diarmuid Masterson pulls one back.

Paul Greville Westmeath's Paul Greville. Ken Sutton / INPHO Ken Sutton / INPHO / INPHO

Conor McAtamney with Tom Parsons Derry’s Conor McAtamney with Tom Parsons of Mayo. Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

Mayo 0-10 Derry 0-12

58mins – Super save as Mayo are denied another goal! At the other end, the Oak Leaf county have nailed another free and they’re two points up.

Tipperary 1-15 Westmeath 0-12

62mins – John McGrath and John O’Dwyer push Tipp further on.

Donegal 0-9 Longford 0-6

Jamie Brennan and Eoin McHugh from play to put Donegal three points ahead.

Mayo 0-10 Derry 0-12

64mins – Mayo are squandering chances, they’ve just hit their 16th wide. They need something special.

Tipperary 1-17 Westmeath 0-12

64mins – Noel McGrath tags on another score.

Donegal 0-10 Longford 0-6

McBrearty with another free.

Tipperary 1-17 Westmeath 0-13

66mins – Seven between the sides.

Mayo 0-11 Derry 0-12

68mins – It’s a one-point game. Durcan with a huge score.

Mayo 1-11 Derry 0-12

GOAL! Absolute rocket from Conor Loftus, with just about a minute of normal time remaining.

Mayo 1-12 Derry 1-12

71mins- GOAL! Derry somehow get the ball into the back of the net, palmed in from a high ball. There’s confusion as the umpire half waves the flag, and the scoreboard on TV doesn’t move. It’s counted!

Previously, 22-year-old Loftus followed up his goal with a point.

Tipperary 1-18 Westmeath 0-13

73mins – Jason Forde point.

Donegal 0-11 Longford 0-7

We’re into stoppage time in Ballybofey too.

Mayo 1-12 Derry 1-12 

74mins – Cillian O’Connor’s pointed effort hits the post. Big ask as Derry have a free from the right sideline, it drops short.

Tipperary 2-18 Westmeath 0-13

John McGrath goal.

Donegal 0-12 Longford 0-7

All over in Ballybofey.

We’re heading for extra-time in Castlebar!

Full time elsewhere though.

  • Tipperary 2-18 Westmeath 0-15
  • Donegal 0-12 Longford 0-7

Two ten minutes of extra time. It’s 1-12 a-piece. Who will come out on top?

Donal Vaughan with Christopher McKaigue Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

It looked like Conor Loftus was going to be the hero from the bench, but Derry’s Mark Lynch and his punch into the net ended that fairly quickly.

Conor Loftus James Crombie / INPHO James Crombie / INPHO / INPHO

And we’re back for more. The ball is back rolling in MacHale Park.

Mayo 1-13 Derry 1-12

Kevin McLoughlin has the first say. Good play from Aidan O’Shea in the lead up.

Mayo 1-14 Derry 1-12

3mins ET – We’re seeing a lot of tired bodies, particularly on the Derry front, but still all to be played for. O’Connor slots over a close-range free, his eighth point of the match.

Mayo 2-14 Derry 1-12

GOAL! Jason Doherty punishes a bad kick-out and rattles the net.

Mayo 2-15 Derry 1-12

Cillian O’Connor adds another point.

Mayo 2-15 Derry 1-13

7mins ET – Goalscorer Mark Lynch keeps Derry in touch. O’Connor probably should have stuck a goal at the other end, but a super save denies him again.

PENALTY for Derry!

Mayo 2-15 Derry 1-13

MISS! David Clarke saves James Kielt’s penalty — he judged it perfectlty.

Paddy Durcan sees red for an incident the linesman spots.

Half time in extra time:

Mayo 2-17 Derry 1-13

Mayo 2-19 Derry 1-13 

O’Connor with his 11th point of the game.

Mayo 2-21 Derry 1-13

Diarmuid O’Connor hits his only point of the match. Two additional minutes to be played.

And it’s all over. Stephen Rochford’s Mayo progress after a huge battle in Castlebar.


Mayo 2-21 Derry 1-13 (AET)

Aidan O’Shea celebrates scoring a point Tommy Dickson / INPHO Tommy Dickson / INPHO / INPHO

That’s all from me, but we’ll have a full match report on in the coming minutes. Thanks for tuning in, and have a nice evening.

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