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NFL fans are crazy, episode 7,118: Bills fan catches fire, gets rescued by beer

… the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

IF SILVER LININGS Playbook taught us only one thing, it’s that tailgate parties before NFL games are dangerous.

Clearly, these Buffalo Bills fans haven’t seen that The42‘s favourite Jennifer Lawrence film. Or perhaps they were just so blind drunk they forgot about it, because before watching their side beat the Jets yesterday they were literally playing with fire.

And not just playing with it, oh no… jumping on it too.

Source: InstagramTV/YouTube

Yep, that’s a man jumping on a burning table, catching fire and then running back for a second leap of faith after mistaking the burning sensation on his arse for a burning desire to go again.

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2nd jump

Where would we be without beer, eh?

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