Oslo resident apologises after bombings interrupt 'really tough workout'

When New Zealand’s 3 News invited an ex-pat to give his account of the weekend’s atrocities, they were expecting pathos. What they got was a smug account of his awesome workout.

APPARENTLY, LOCAL RESIDENT Cameron Leslie found the Oslo bombing “overwhelming” for two reasons:

1) On his way to the gym he cycled -  that’s right, he cycled to his workout! Hardcore, you guys – past the site of the car-bomb, likely missing its detonation by minutes.

2) The bomb actually went off while he was “on his eighth repetition of a 165kg bench press and *knowing grin* that’s quite a lot of weight “.

Undeterred by the ceiling plaster drifting, confetti-like, around him, he finished his sets (“naturally…”) and moved outside to survey the apocalyptic scenes of urban devastation.

UPDATE: Leslie has since apologised for any offence his remarks may have caused, claiming his interview responses were intended as a joke for friends and family living in New Zealand, an explanation that– now that I think of it– doesn’t really do much to counter the initial complaints of gross insensitivity.

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