Remember, kids: Sport hurts. So go hard, or go home.
International Rules

Ouch! Maybe International Rules isn't such a good idea

If this is what Australian Rules is really like, maybe we should call off the games next month…

AUSTRALIAN RULES fans might be distracted by the prospect of an unusual Grand Final replay next Saturday, but with our own championships finished up we have more time to cast our eyes to the forthcoming International Rules series.

And as if to underline just how rough-and-tumble the games are likely to be – with the GAA famously withdrawing from the series in 2006 after a notoriously bruising encounter – we’ve just found this video of a massive KO earlier in this season.

Our favourite part of this video – where Hawthorn’s Jordan Lewis is totally tanked by Western Bulldogs’ Jarrod Harbrow? The fact that a camera immediately pans back to Lewis and shows him unconscious in a split screen while the game continues.

And, as if you needed reminding about 2006…

Tickets for this year’s tests are on sale now, with this year’s tests in Limerick on October 23 and Dublin on October 30.