8 reasons why P.E was the only reason to get out of bed for school

Including piano goal celebrations, Spiderman undies in the public swimming pool and vomit-inducing rope climbs.

"No Tommy, that is not liquorice."
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INSPIRED BY YOUR tales of football memories and make it up as you go along rules, decided to focus on sporting pursuits that were [supposed to be] of a more organised nature.
P.E was, for most of us, a joyous time where we could work out the frustrations of a ‘D’ in English class, unrequited love for the music teacher or a long division sum that refused to long divide.

Here are some P.E memories from team and our near neighbours at DailyEdge and TheJournal:

1. “We used to have a piano in the corner of our sports hall in primary school. Goal celebrations often included players legging it to the piano and bashing out a tune as the game went on.”

2. “Things did not improve in secondary school. One of the lads tipped over the badminton net post onto our P.E teacher’s head. As she lay there, dazed to hell, another chap, trying to be helpful, ran off to get her a wet, cool towel. Locating none, he took off a sweaty sock, ran it under the water fountain and ran back to splosh it on her head. Concussion cured.”

‘Get the tap going lads’. (Credit: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer)

3. “When I was in elementary school in the US we used to have to climb the rope.  I knew I wasn’t able to do it and had myself worked up into an absolute tizzy. When the time came, I burst into tears and vomited all over the rope in front of my whole class.

Not my finest moment.”

You’re nearly there kiddo. (Credit: Mandy Godbehar via Shutterstock)

“Both my abiding memories relate to swimming during PE in primary school.”

4. The first was when I couldn’t find my underpants in the changing room after swimming and decided, feck it, I’ll go commando, the school trousers were made of industrial strength material anyway. As we walked back to school, two by two, one of the teachers – a Christian Brother – runs up from behind the group and stops us on the middle of the main street in Monasterevin, holds up my Spiderman pants and asks “Who owns these?” Thankfully, he didn’t check and I’ve never had to admit my guilt until this day.”

‘Teacher, Rory just did a Caddyshack’ in the pool. (Credit: imgur)

5. “The second involved the mass exit of 30 10-year-olds from the pool in about 3 seconds flat as a poo floated to the surface of the deep end and horrified everyone. Nobody admitted to that either – I have my suspicions – but, to this day, I hate public swimming pools and avoid them as much as possible.”

6. “Our school (all girls) forced us to wear very short gym skirts and gym knickers. The skirts had bizarre fasteners that can only be described as “tracks” and which were fond of pinging open during one of the many runs through the town.


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7. “We had the same teacher for PE and English in First Year. If it was cold out, we’d persuade her to take us for Double English instead and we’d just read Goodnight Mister Tom. If it was nice out, we’d get double PE. Simple, lovely days.”

(Credit: Vicky and Polly)

8. I too sucked at PE, but my particular nemesis was the annual “cross-country run”, when the entire school would be forced to change into their foul vests and shorts and run approximately a million times around the grounds.

Every year I tried to schedule a dental appointment for that fateful day. Every year I failed.”

What are your favourite P.E memories?

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