VIDEO: South Park takes on doping... and charity bracelets*

The best satire on TV had its say on the biggest issue in sport this week. *May contain spoilers and/or sacrilege.

IF YOU HAVEN’T managed to see any of the new series of South Park over the past month then we would suggest you change that soon.

And there could be no better place to start than the episode which is being aired on Comedy Central this week. Now, before you read any further, we have included below some of the broad plot outline of the episode. But even when armed with the below teaser we reckon you’ll still be able to enjoy the show.

When an inspirational icon (Jesus, not the other guy) is found to have taken performance enhancing drugs, the community feels cheated and promptly bins the bright yellow symbol of their support.

One boy, however, decides to ‘Stan ground‘ and keep on wearing his yellow bracelet – just because he likes it.

He is held up as an inspiration and a saviour, but is soon taken down again.

So there’s only one way Stan Marsh and Jesus can raise awareness of their plight… more bracelets.

Obviously this clip is from South Park and, therefore, possible NSFW.

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