YouTube Top 10: because even Lee Dixon is sick of Shearer's 'punditry' at this stage

Cringey commentary, cartwheel dunks and Peter Canavan — Thursday afternoons don’t get much better than this.

10. We’re not sure which is better — this instinctive catch by San Diego Padres ballgirl Lisa or the cringey commentary that followed from veteran broadcasters Dick Enberg and Mark Grant. “There’s the catch of the day!”

YouTube credit: Emma Covalt

[h/t Off The Bench]

9. We’ve all been there, so who can blame Lee Dixon for this inconspicuous eye-roll when top, top pundit Alan Shearer cut across him to deliver some thrilling insight or other. A dig in the ribs wouldn’t have been out of place either.

YouTube Credit: MrBeanyman62

[h/t The Guardian]

8. Nobody likes to lose but when you’re the middle-aged coach of a teenage ice hockey team, it’s probably best not to go around tripping opponents in the post-match handshake line. In the words of one YouTube commenter, “your team of f**king 12- year-olds loses and you take it worse than the kids do. Grow the f**k up.”

YouTube credit: TheProvinceOnline

[h/t SportsGrid]

7. One of the better promo stunts we’ve seen lately. F1 legend David Coulthard catches a golf ball travelling at 178 mph in his moving car and then does a few celebratory doughnuts.

YouTube credit: mercedesbenzuk

[h/t The Guardian]

6. Bowling doesn’t make it onto these pages often enough so we’re not going to let this opportunity slip by. Ed Fong was bidding to become the 22nd person ever to bowl a perfect series — that’s three perfect games or 30 strikes in a row. Here are those unforgettable final three frames…

[h/t D Magazine]

5. How in the world is anyone supposed to compete with the Kilkenny hurlers when their kids are able to showboat like this before they hit double figures? Give up and go home, lads.

YouTube credit: attheendoftheday2011

[h/t GAA Beo]

4. Elena Vesnina was the headline act on the first day of Wimbledon 2012 when she stunned Venus Williams 6-1 6-3. Colin the BBC cameraman was so surprised that he took a bit of a tumble. Those cameras must be heavy.

YouTube credit: maxrain08

3. To our eternal shame, we don’t watch a huge amount of Australian Rugby League but even we know that this 110-metre return must be the try of the season. Ben Barba is the man who does all of the hard work for the Canterbury Bulldogs before team-mate Josh Morris finishes it off.

YouTube credit: AndreSkiills

[h/t James Dart]

2. You think you’ve seen slam dunks? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen a man do a cartwheel dunk.

YouTube credit: SwooshCheck

1. Huge credit to a gentleman named John Ec for uploading this piece of GAA gold and to the lads at for unearthing it. You won’t see much better on the internet this week than this five-minute highlight reel of Peter Canavan’s club scores. Enjoy.

YouTube credit: John Ec