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Sports Film of the Week: Lymelight - The Story of Angeli VanLaanen

The American freeskier, who is competing at the Winter Olympics, was misdiagnosed for 14 years before discovering she had Lyme disease.

Title: Lymelight — The Story of Professional Freeskier Angeli VanLaanen, Living with Lyme Disease

Produced by: Neu Productions

Released: April, 2013

Plot: After 14 years of misdiagnosis and strain, American skiier Angeli VanLaanen was finally told she has Lyme’s disease. Lymelight serves ‘as an inspirational story for those who have fought to overcome chronic illness and physical setbacks’.

VanLaanen, now 28, has lived with her illness since she was 10 but has not let it stop her from achieving her goal of representing America at the Winter Olympics. She is currently competing at Sochi 2014 and is a genuine gold medal hope for her country. This is her story…

Random Vimeo comment: Thanks so much for making this video. You explain it so accurately. I have a hard time explaining to friends and family how I’m feeling all the time, it comes off as just being lazy. I was just diagnosed, so now on toward getting treatments! Keep spreading the awareness! – Anisa Woodall

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