Sports Film of the Week: Touch The Wall

Before winning four gold medals at the London Olympics at the age of 17, Missy Franklin struck up a sisterly bond with Kara Lynn Joyce

London Olympics Swimming Women Franklin (centre) with her gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. Michael Sohn Michael Sohn

Title: Touch The Wall

Released: Premieres today the 2014 Starz Denver Film Festival

Director: Grant Barbeito, Christo Brock

Plot: ”Touch the Wall is the story of two amazing women and their their journey to swimming’s highest stage – the 2012 London Olympics. The young phenom (Missy Franklin) is just beginning her career and is saddled with mile-high expectations; the veteran (Kara Lynn Joyce) is trying to rediscover the juice that took her the previous two Olympics.

“Touch the Wall is a story of winning and losing, of commitment, and triumph through adversity. It’s also a story of family, of loving what you do, and having fun with the people around you. In a world starved for heroes, Missy and Kara stand tall in Touch the Wall.”

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