Big words: Forest's new manager, Steve Cotterill. Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Steve Cotterill: not a fan of social media

Nottingham Forest’s new manager has pledged to fine players £1,000 per word of every inappropriate comment made on Facebook or Twitter.

A DAY AFTER Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp declared he didn’t know what “a tweeter” was, another football manager has made it clear that he’s very much up date with his knowledge of contemporary social media.

Steve Cotterill, the newly-appointed manager of the Championship outfit Nottingham Forest, has imposed an intra-club ban on the use of Facebook and Twitter to discuss matters relating to the club.

It is, the Daily Mirror reports, a system identical to the one Cotterill claims to have had in place at his old club, Portsmouth.

“I had a rule at ­Portsmouth that no players could use Twitter or Facebook to talk about the club, team-mates or fans. Otherwise they got fined £1,000-a-word.

“None of them ended up putting over £1,000.”

Ironically, the first test of the new system is likely to see Ishmael Miller pardoned for his decision to post a number of abusive and inflammatory messages in the wake of Forest’s defeat to Coventry City at the weekend.

The striker, who told his critics to “f*ck off”, would have been eligible for a £21,000 fine.

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