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Taking hair-piece to a whole new level: top follicle-yanking moments

Chris Ashton is banned for four weeks after he sparked a mini-melee by pulling his Leicester’s Alesana Tuilagi into touch by the hair. Here’s a few more bad hair days.

NORTHAMPTON WILL BE without the services of winger Chris Ashton for four weeks after he sparked a mini-melee by pulling his Leicester’s Alesana Tuilagi into touch by the hair.

Ashton received a four-week ban for bad sportsmanship following his hair-tugging actions against the Leicester player at the weekend.

Judge Jeff Blackett, the RFU Disciplinary Officer, said he accepted that the ensuing brawl started by accident but ‘it became clear that at some stage Chris Ashton knew what he was doing:

“If you pull somebody by the hair there is an element of denigration and this act was a catalyst for a mass brawl that resulted in two red cards and significantly affected the image of the game.”

Ashton was involved in an on-field altercation with Tuilagi’s brother, Manu, last season which resulted in both men receiving their marching orders from the field.

Inspired by Ashton’s school-yard actions last weekend, it is would be fitting to give credit or bestow shame on some of sports best mop-mangling moments.

ELIZABETH LAMBERT: New Mexico’s midfield enforcer went on a one-woman mission to kick, scythe and smash her team to success against BYU. Lambert’s outstanding moment of a 90-minute meltdown, which miraculously did not result in a red-card, was her yanking her marker to the ground with a sharp tug of the ponytail.

Credit: Associated Press

JERRY COLLINS: The All Black flanker was never one from shirking a challenge and took offence to Australia’s George Smith and his attempts to clear out a ruck. Collins took hold of Smith’s infamous dreadlocks and was not letting go until New Zealand secured their own ball.

Credit: Wolf028

DENNIS WISE: The gritty Chelsea midfielder decided that Manchester United’s Nicky Butt did not have enough hair up top to justify a good tug. Ever the inventive soul, Wise took hold of a curly hair from Butts’ nether regions and yoinked with glee. Butt, some would say justifiably, kicked out like a mule in response and got red-carded for his troubles. Check out the clip about one minute in.

Credit: stevefarkingguppy

JILLIAN HALL: The World Wrestling Entertainment diva has perfected a move that female wrestlers have been trying (right under the referee’s nose) for years. One of the most unfortunate recipients was her opponent Gail Kim, who was sent spiralling across the ring after a hair-pull straight out of hell, as they would no doubt bombast in the WWE.

Credit: MaryseFan100

Think you have witnessed any better, or worse, quiff tiffs or fringe fights?

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