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Five tech innovations we'd like to see in the Six Nations

It’s time Dylan Hartley got his own channel.

Image: David Davies

THERE IS NO denying that rugby and technology are changing together. But what else can be done to enhance the enjoyment of the fans?

Dylan Hartley Cam

Being England captain is hardly going to turn Hartley into an angelic figure.

Let’s face it, most people will be surprised if he gets through this Six Nations campaign without committing some kind of ugly offence. And the fans want to see, and hear, exactly what he has been up to.

Consider it a probation period for spending more than a year out of the game on suspensions Dylan. You’ve changed? Don’t kid a kidder.

His “discussions” with referees could transform the dullest of games.

Make GPS data public

Yes, we know that GPS data has changed the game for the players. But what about the fans?

Surely they deserve to get a look at the scientific data that is being recorded. We want to know who is slacking off while their team-mates do the hard yards.

A heart-rate monitor for the kicker would be a nice start. How are the nerves as he lines up the match-winning penalty or drop-goal?

And while they’re at it, they should add in a dizziness monitor for each player too, if nothing else it would reduce the number of painful conspiracy theories about alleged head knocks that we have to listen to.

More microphones

Speaking of listening, give us more of that, too.

Refcam has given an insightful, although a little bit weird, on-field perspective but a lot of the best slagging matches are still being missed.

Sure, there may be watershed issues but any time the microphones pick up a heated conversation between opposition forwards it’s generally one that brings a smile to the faces of all fans.

Get some microphones on the characters of the game, it worked a treat when rugby league tried it with Big Willie Mason in the NRL.

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And we’re not talking about website visits.

Get the best physicians on the case. Surely it can’t be that difficult to measure the impact of a hit. Who tackles with the most ferocity? Who leaves the biggest mark on the opposition?

And what would it feel like for the layman? A car crash? The fans want to know.

Bigger stadium screens

The bigger the better — think Dallas Cowboys big.

There is so much going on at the breakdown that it’s impossible to see what’s going on in the stadium, even from the decent seats.

How are the crowd going to be sure their outrage is justified unless you show them the bits they can’t see?

And make sure you show the replays, especially when it’s a disciplinary issue.

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