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Tennis star in interesting press conference shocker

Danish star offers her opinion on Dalglish, global warming and Andy Murray in a bid to beat ‘boring’ label.

DANISH TENNIS ACE Caroline Wozniacki was stung when she her press conferences were branded ‘boring’ by Aussie journalists.

So this morning she threw the floor open to all kinds of queries.

Question: Do you have any thoughts on the appointment of Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool?

Wozniacki: I’m hoping that that will give some positive energy into the guys, into the lads. I’m hoping things will turn and they’ll start winning more matches. It’s tough to be a supporter and see them having a hard time. But it’s a sport, and I’m sure it will turn sooner or later.

Question: How should we solve global warming?

Wozniacki: Global warming? I’m flying quite a bit, so that doesn’t really help (laughter). Uhm, go green. Make cars that don’t use so much gas. Make them electric. That would already help. Use the buses, the trains, instead of taking the car. When you take a shower, don’t stay there for half an hour. Two minutes is enough. Even the girls.

Read the full transcript there if you’re in work without headphones.

In other news Venus Williams leaves Melbourne early having retired injured earlier.

Where does Wozniacki’s press conference amongst the weirdest post-match interviews?