The Magnificent Seven: Aprés Match skits

With the popular RTÉ clip show returning for the Euros, we thought we’d revisit some of our favourite clips.

1. Saipan satire

A brilliant play on the famous Roy Keane interview in which he outlined his reasons for leaving the Ireland camp at the 2002 World Cup, Aprés Match perfectly captured the ludicrous levels of hype to which the scenario had descended. They simultaneously managed to make fun of one of their favourite targets, Eamon Dunphy, who himself had been sent home from the RTÉ studio during the tournament for appearing “tired and emotional”. An equally brilliant skit on Mick McCarthy around the same time is also available.

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2. Trap and Stephen Ireland

Admittedly this may seem a bit dated, given that it feels like we’ve all been making Stephen Ireland jokes since the dawn of mankind, but the excellent impressions of Trap, John Delaney and Liam Brady lend it a level of timelessness.

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3. Gillette Soap Special

Of course, Terry Venables never has or never will appear on Gillette Soccer Saturday, or ‘Gillette Soap Special’ as it’s referred to here (ditto Frank Stapleton). But when the impressions are so inspired, factual accuracy becomes irrelevant.

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4. English vs Irish commentators

If ever anyone wanted to know the difference between the occasionally over-the-top Irish pundits and the somewhat bland English commentary, this clip provides the perfect summary.

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5. England World Cup hype

Ever get fed up with the hype surrounding England at the World Cup/European Championships? So have the Aprés Match boys.

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6. George Hook, Eamon Dunphy and Pat Kenny

Three for the price of one here, with the George Hook imitation, in particular, hitting the nail on the head. The fact that the fake Hook talking about his “MONEY” in a Honey Monster-esque voice became almost as well known as the ad itself is a testament to the satiric power of the clip.

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7. Vincent Browne and Enda Kenny

Granted, this clip of Enda Kenny and Leo Varadkar has nothing to do with sport, save the opening Raymond Domenech-referencing line, but it’s easily as funny as some of their less overly political skits. Sample line: “There have been some really successful eejits in this country.”

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