The YouTube chart: the week's best virals

I won’t lie to you – there’s a lot of Sky Sports sexism stuff here. But so much more as well.

10. QPR are flying high in the Championship and they have the best player in the league in Adel Taarabt.

I was watching this game on Saturday as I prepared prepared a lunch sandwich which included both chicken and ham. This assist from the enigmatic forward is quite something:

9. I don’t understand why this doesn’t happen more often to be honest. It’s what I’d do if I couldn’t hack the pace halfway down the river.

H/T Guardian

8. There’s been one story that’s dominated the headlines this week, right? And I don’t mean the crazy cow that went hoofing it through Ennis.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray have been crowbarred out of the Sky Sports couch. I really can’t pick between all the clips we could enjoy together.

There’s Andy showing why he was on the big bobs; Richard insisting he’s not sexist in 1991 and two possible replacements for the pair.

But our own Apres Match are worth another watch.

H/T DangerHere for the Sue Barker one, Gavan for the Harry Paul clip.

7. Remember that kid that tossed a backward halfcourt shot through the basket at the end of the first quarter a few weeks ago?

This might be better.

6. Remember Kevin Muscat? The former Milwall hard nut is back in Oz, but he hasn’t really changed.

He produced a tackle so sickening it’s slap-stick funny  this week.

At least the player wasn’t carried off on stretcher by this lad. One Brazilian player had insult added to injury last weekend.

H/T Paddy McKenna

5. He’s one of the most divisive figures in the NFL. This new ESPN doc on Tim Tebow is a must.

4. Dwight Howard is different to most NBA players – for one he’s happy to sit down and talk about the first time he got dunked on. It’s not so bad when it’s Kobe humiliating you I suppose.

3.  How not to streak.

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2. This is why Jeff Stelling should get Richard Keys’s job (if none of this lot want it). He gives Le Tiss a maths lesson.

Stelling also grow exasperated with the truly incompetent Dean Windass.


1. Whatever you say about the guido-ish, preening Ronaldo, he can hit a free kick.

H/T Digg

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