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The YouTube top 10: Because everybody loves throwing snowballs

…but nobody likes getting kicked in the face.

10. So we kicked off the week with two English boxers rolling round a floor in Munich.

It all began as such a normal, mundane press conference until one bottle holding media-man (who looked suspiciously like David Haye) bellowed from the back, “So you don’t wanna fight David Haye?”

All of this could have been avoided if he just raised his hand and waited his turn like all the other journos.

YouTube credit: britishboxersUK

9. Liverpool head to Wembley this Sunday bidding to add to their record haul of League Cup titles. They haven’t won the thing since claiming it a seventh time 2003.

Their last appearance in the final was a bit of an epic, though. It was also the year that the Carling Cup finally began to mean something.

YouTube credit: StaticSports

8. Hands up who would like to see Serena Williams dancing poolside in Mexico?

OK, hands up who thinks that she should stick to playing tennis? I think you’ll both be happy with this one.

YouTube Credit: hitmanroro

7. A few of the lads in here are big fans of Eastbound and Down, never watched it myself.

Having seen this trailer, however, by the time you read this I’ll be on Grafton St buying all the old box-sets.

YouTube credit: HBO

6. Those in the know say Javale McGee is the greatest thing to hit the NBA since Jeremy Lin.

Last night, instead of simply blocking or intercepting, he pointlessly catapulted the ball halfway up the stand.

The lad just doesn’t know his own strength.

YouTube credit: abdulzebub

5. If you’re not lucky enough to enjoy a sleep in of a Saturday morning, worry not. The southern hemisphere’s Super Rugby season is making a welcome reurn this weekend.

The Queensland Reds won the title last year thanks, in no small part, to the sheer ridiculous awesomeness of Quade Cooper. Don’t be fooled by the out-half’s shocking World Cup, here’s just a taste of what he’s capable of from last year’s competition.

YouTube credit: MrKnjow

4. In the words of Effin Eddy: ‘he got a boot in the head – it’s on the camera, ya can’t miss it.”

Porto were done no favours last night by Maicon kicking his teammate in the face.

YouTube credit: GoalFast2

3. The Six Nations is back in Ireland this Saturday. Whether you’re toddling along to the game or just watching from home, here is a reminder of how we beat the Azzuri last year. Debuts for Sean O’Brien and Fergus McFadden? My they grow up so fast.

YouTube credit: TheRugbyVault

2. Travelling away from home is hard enough in the Europa League, especially when it’s rather nippy out and you’re used to playing in lovely Lisbon.

Here, the Legia Warsaw fans came up with a novel (and impressively organised) way to intimidate the opposition.

YouTube credit: VideoFunStation

1. We’re sure that there was, in fact, plenty of quality basketball played at some stage during this Chinese all-star game. It doesn’t appear in this clip though.

The very worst basketball sequence ever? That’s a harsh call, but it is very very funny.

YouTube credit: BeijingCream

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