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The YouTube top 10: because you never call baby, when you say you will

But I love you still, Shane Duffy. I love you still.

OKAY, LET’S DO this. Sit back, get those feet up, and tell your boss to shut up for a minute. It’s only our weekly YouTube round-up.

10. Last night, Shane Duffy and James McClean were part of the squad that took on the Czech Republic. First however, they had to face the traditional Ireland squad initiation: a song. Here, Duffy takes on The Foundations. We’re told Seamus Coleman did his version of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme tune.

H/T noxy06/

9. “If I did working the mits, I don’t want that fighter to be fucking sad.” We’ve talked about his new HBO docu-series on Freddie Roach before but it’s worth repeating. Read this piece on Deadspin for a bit of context if you want it.

YouTube credit: HBO Sports

8. This guy earned the praise of many for his rescue efforts during a dramatic Daytona 500 on Monday night.

YouTube credit: BOS000001

7. Carslberg don’t do stadiums. Well… actually they do now. The beer company have bought the naming rights to FC Copehagen’s ground.

YouTube credit: CarlsbergFCK

6. Look at the look of disgust on Milkins’ face. Gold.

YouTube credit: trollnews2

5. ‘You’re a beauty, you know that?’ Tiger Woods was asked yesterday about that Navy Seal story in Hank Haney’s new book. I’m no body language expert, but he he didn’t like the question/the reporter.

YouTube credit: BOS000001

4. This is one way to win a high-school basketball game. A full-court buzzer beater. He was carried straight to Peaches for sodas and cheese burgers.

YouTube credit: BOS000001

H/T: Business Insider

3. A friend of mine who’s laid up at home with a bust ankle sent me this. I’m glad he’s spending his time productively.

YouTube credit: 78619Nemo

2. We covered this earlier in the week. Here’s that ghost goal from the Milan-Juventus game. Wouldn’t happen in the GAA.

YouTube credit: TeamCharlie26Adam

1. If you eat lots of McDonalds you’ll grow up to be England captain, children. Here’s Scott Parker.

YouTube credit: atariman1988

H/T Guardian

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