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Tiger Woods refuses to let his five-year-old son beat him at putting contests

And he thinks OneRepublic are ‘very hot right now’.

TIGER WOODS HAS been off the map since undergoing back surgery in March.

He didn’t go to the Champions’ Dinner at the Masters, and he didn’t go to the White House correspondents dinner with his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

He’s published a long blog post about what he’s been doing for the last six weeks or so.

The post doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence that he’ll return anytime soon. He says he’s only chipping and putting at his home in Florida. He hasn’t taken a full swing yet and he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

But the best parts of the post have little to do with golf.

He tells an anecdote about almost losing a putting contest to his five-year-old son while on vacation in the Bahamas. He refuses to let his kids win:

“I have my greens running about 13 on the Stimpmeter every day, so your feel has to be a little better. When we were in the Bahamas, the greens were much slower and he almost beat me. If Sam and Charlie beat me, they’re going to earn it. That’s how Pop was with me, and I think that’s how it should be.”

The other good tidbits from the post.

  • He said he watched the Masters because Freddy Couples was in contention, but got bored once he fell out of it on Sunday.
  • He didn’t mourn for the Eisenhower Tree because he hits it so far: “Guys who hit the ball as long as I do didn’t really worry about the tree.”
  • He has been talking to Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who has the same back surgery as him last winter.
  • He wrote this fantastic sentence about the band OneRepublic, which will perform at his charity event in Las Vegas: “They have a lot of hits and are very hot right now.”
  • He explained why left-handers have an inherent advantage at the Masters, with a hint of disdain:

“It sets up perfectly because it’s so much easier to cut the ball than it is to turn it over on No. 10. On No. 13, it is much easier to cut it and carry it; if you try to carry it with a draw, it’s not going to stay in the air as much as it would with a cut. Same thing with No. 14. I think that’s one of the reasons Phil [Mickelson] and Bubba have done so well there is because they both fade the ball really well for lefties.”

We hope this is a first of many posts from Tiger.

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