Romance is alive

Trending: The best Valentine's Day tweets

Brian O’Driscoll is fond of a bit of tongue, according to his missus, and Carlton Cole proves he’s a real sweetheart.

WE’VE SPENT THE day trawling through loved up timelines in search of some the funniest comments sporting personalities and their other halves have made on this celebration of romance, chocolates and blatantly overhyped commercialism.

What have we learned? Bernard Brogan will go to great lengths for his girlfriend, Leo Cullen has got an unlikely admirer and… Georgie Thompson is still available!

Trending: The best Valentine's Day tweets
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  • Karl Sheppard has got his priorities right

  • ...As does Phil Neville

  • Bernard Brogan is punished for being thoughtful

  • David De Gea is mad about his Spanish popstar girlfriend (at least that's what we think he is saying)

  • Aindreas Doyle tells a "romantic" childhood story

  • Joleon Lescott buys a giant heart-shaped cookie. For himself.


  • Sky Sports presenter Philip Huw Edwards has a soft spot for Leo Cullen

  • Carlton Cole really knows how to treat a lady

  • The thoughts of his Page 3 model partner has cheered Mark Cavandish right up

  • Amy Huberman isn't talking about French kissing

  • And finally, Wayne Rooney has a dig