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What not to do: 11 lessons we can all learn from athletes on Twitter
It’s a minefield out there, Tweeps. Here are some invaluable cautionary tales.

TWITTER IS IN a mess, people.

And, sure ’tis little wonder when we can’t even hold up the sports men and women of the world as pristine examples of how we should interact on social media.

Of course, many athletes are great and tweet over and above the call of their weekly Nandos.

Some, though… some really mean it when they log on for that first tweet and fumble out the old, ‘Not really sure how this Twitter thing works, but here it goes…’

Remember, just because they’ve got 50,000 followers doesn’t mean they know what they’re at. Here’s the proof.

1. Watch out for that reply button

Maybe this wasn’t a mistake from Kevin Davies, maybe he wants to gloat at all the arthritis sufferers out there.

2. More importantly, know when a DM is not a DM

Troy Aikman made two crucial errors when he went chasing actress Mari Morrow.

1, That’s not how you send a direct message.

2. That’s not how you spell her name.

3. Don’t tweet yourself, you’ll go blind

It’s okay, Luke. Someone else will reply to you eventually.

4. Don’t let people know you can’t spell

Quincy Acy was in college when he published this tweet. COLLEGE! We’re not sure what exactly he was trying to spell – did he guess that ‘persuade’ was past tense?

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5. Ending tweets with ‘#fact’ doesn’t make them facts

Four months later, wee Joey lined up for work on the first day of the season.

6. Go easy on the spoilers

Even if you’re wrong*.

*NOTE: Tomas has responded to say he’s not wrong and Michael Caine agrees with him. I guess we’ll just never understand that bloody film.

7. Feel free to engage with trolls, but rein it in after a few, eh?

8. You can’t go around ‘pretending’ to threaten people

9.  Pride comes before a fall…

So if you’ve been smacked down, take the hint and don’t come back for seconds.

Big hat tip to the ‘Orrible Punt blog for spotting this one before it was deleted forever.

”#77caps’. Gem.

10. If your coach tells you to step it up, don’t disappear away to fondle your phone at your locker

Thanks for the half time update, Charlie Vilanueva (whoever you are).

11. Whatever James McClean does, just do the opposite

World champion Rob Heffernan toasted in Cork by Dinny and DO’C

A-Rod targeted by Red Sox pitcher, but takes revenge with game-turning home run