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WATCH: Kilmacud Crokes take on the '45' challenge

Take a good idea and improve it with a GAA club and higher scoring.

YOU MAY OR may not be familiar with a certain Saturday morning tv show on Sky.

Well, aside from the sight of group of overweight men trying to shoot football’s through a hole 12 yards away (or the appearance of an occasionally attractive lady in a tight-fitting football jersey), the show’s weekly highlight was a trip to a cold training ground of a no-mark division two club.

From the halfway line, each player would have a go at the improbable task of hitting the crossbar. It rarely happened, and the players spent most of their time goading eachother and generally acting the maggot.

On a completely separate (and no way connected) note, Setanta have come up with this: the ’45 challenge.’

Rather than hitting the bar from the halfway line, this incarnation of the challenge utilises a real game scenario by requiring the shooters to get the ball over, not onto, the bar.

Kilmacud are the first to try their hand at the competition which involves shots, not only from the 45 line but, also from tight angles on the left and right.

Adrian Morrisey’s early in-swinger is the highlight, but it went downhill a bit from there as Crokes were on target with just four out of 15.


YouTube credit: setantasportsireland

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