Betfair are promting a campaign to 'Go Green for Noember 15'.

WATCH: Skydivers place bet on Ireland in mid air

Betfair constructed the world’s first QR code made completely from footballs earlier today.

IRELAND HAVE ALL but qualified for Euro 2012 and to celebrate this achievement, one bookmakers have created the world’s first QR code made completely from footballs.

The code is intended to help punters download Betfair’s Mobile App before the game tomorrow.

The elaborate task involved 2,000 footballs, eight people and five long hours of work.

In addition, to publicise the code, a challenge was made to two skydivers, representing Ireland and Estonia respectively, to scan the code with their smartphones before placing a bet, while hurtling to the ground from 10,000 feet.

In relation to the event, Betfair spokesperson Barry Orr said:

“To see the code being assembled was amazing but confirmation that the skydivers had managed to scan it and place their bets while falling through the air at 130mph was even better.’’

In addition, Betfair are encouraging Irish fans to go ‘Green for November 15’.

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