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Bad Boys

Watch: St. Kilda's turbulent pre-season captured on camera

A new documentary looks at an off-season full of ups and downs for the AFL club.

AT TIMES THIS year, Tommy Walsh must have been wondering what the hell he’s gotten himself into.

Since the former Kerry star moved to Melbourne to join AFL side St. Kilda’s in late 2009, the club has found itself ensnared in controversy after controversy, culminating in the “inappropriate relationship” which has seen agent Ricky Nixon suspended for a period of two years.

But amid all of their well-publicised troubles, the Saints appear to have circled the wagons, instituting an “us against the world” mentality as they prepare to challenge for glory when the 2011 season kicks off this weekend.

The story of the team’s determination to rise above the mess which they have found themselves in is the subject of a fly-0n-the wall documentary which was broadcast on Australian television last night.

The first part of the documentary is below. Thanks to one of our regular readers, Saints fan Hallam Drury, for giving us a heads-up.

Watch part two of “The Challenge” here >