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Women's Running magazine praised for showing the sport's for everyone

Erica Jean Schenk is the cover star of the August issue.

Source: Women's Running

AS YOU KNOW yourself from simply opening your eyes, runners don’t come in ‘one size fits all’ and you can meet all sorts of shapes and sizes pounding the pavements in rain, hail, sun or snow.

But if you were to base your opinion on most running magazine covers, you’d assume that all runners have the perfect body, never run in anything but good weather and can afford all the high-end equipment money can buy.

Women’s Running magazine has attempted to correct at least one of these misunderstandings by featuring plus-size model Erica Jean Schenk on the cover of it’s August edition and users of social media are loving it.

“I’m over the moon that all these people see me and can relate,” Schenk told E! News. “I hope I make an impact in women’s body acceptance.”

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