Klitschko and Chisora pose with the Trotters' Reliant Regal at last month's photocall. Nick Potts/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Del Boy

You plonkers! Chisora hits back as promoters ban Only Fools and Horses music

Dereck Chisora has accused the Klitschkos of trying to upset his rhythm ahead of Saturday’s WBC heavyweight title fight.

DERECK CHISORA ACCUSED Vitali Klitschko’s camp of mindgames after promoters insisted that he change his walk-on music for Saturday’s WBC heavyweight title fight in Munich.

Chisora, 28, planned to play up his ‘Del Boy’ nickname by entering the ring to the theme tune of classic British comedy Only Fools and Horses.

But those plans were scrapped by promoters who felt that the music was “childish and silly”, and encouraged the Briton to choose something a bit more mainstream as the backing track for the biggest fight of his career.

The move came as something of a surprise to the former British heavyweight champion, who arrived at a pre-fight photocall in the Trotters’ iconic three-wheel Reliant Regal last month. At this late stage, Chisora feels that it can only be an attempt to put him off his game.

“They want me to come into the ring with some Euro rock trash like Europe’s The Final Countdown,” Chisora told the Sun. “But I can’t come out to that — everyone knows me as Del Boy.

I genuinely feel it’s the Klitschkos trying to upset my rhythm because they have finally realised what I am capable of.

Klitschko, 40, has succesfully defended his WBC heavyweight title on seven occasions since winning it for the second time against Samuel Peter in October 2008.

The Ukranian’s last defeat in the ring came almost nine years ago, also against a Briton, when Lennox Lewis scored a TKO win in the sixth round of their Los Angeles title fight.

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