Open thread: What are your favourite Schoolboy football memories?

“Who’s taking the nets down?”

That's not 'touch tight' Paul.
That's not 'touch tight' Paul.
Image: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

“LINE UP THERE lads, the ref needs to check your studs.”

That was the call from your manager as you ambled out of your portakabin dressing room into a whirling gale.

While your opponents jogging from sideline to sideline in the other half, your team’s warm-up consisted of burying 10 yard shots in past your goalkeeper while another winger curled in corner kicks.

One sub had another sitting on his shoulders in a weekly battle to put up the nets while your manager shook his head at the dodgy job one of the dads managed in marking out the lines.

Today, we’re looking for your most cherished memories of schoolboy football. To kick off the discussion, I will give you a random good a bad story from my storied career with Tymon Bawn.

Good: I must have done a decent job against St Kevin’s Boys early in the season as, for the first and last time in my career, I was man/boy-marked in the return tie. I did not score in the game but felt mighty proud nonetheless.

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Bad: Three of the team’s best players showed up 55 minutes into one of our home games. Sitting on the bench – at the clapped out age of 16 – the manager came over and demanded the number 14 jersey from me and handed it to one of the latecomers. In return, I got his oversized Umbro hoodie.

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