YouTube Top 10: because trikes are that extreme

Also in this week’s countdown: booty-shaking LPGA golfers, Ben Foden’s cringe-proof rapping and Roberto Soldado out-Fernandoing a certain Chelsea striker.

10. The Solheim Cup kicks off later on this evening at Killeen Castle in Meath, making this the ideal time to publish the LPGA’s response to the Golf Boys. Tiffany Joh’s got some moves…

9. Seconds away from clinching a victory over arch-rivals UVa-Wise in the Virginia Bowl, Emory University opt for a pressure-relieving punt downfield. What could possibly go wrong? (Bonus: commentator mania)

8. Roberto Soldado took a leaf out of Fernando Torres’ book during his side’s La Liga clash with Barcelona last night. The shame.

7. Too… many… jokes…

6. The AIDA Freediving World Championships took place earlier this week. Rather than posting some video of wetsuited types shuttling up and down on ropes, here’s a more stylised view of the sport from Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier. Spellbinding.

5. You might have missed it, but Dublin’s Denis Bastick took a moment to channel his innner Patrick Swayze during last weekend’s All-Ireland Final.

4. Again, we have to ask: what is it with the youth of Eastern Europe and the urge to scale large public monuments? Here, some brave (or foolish) chap scales Russia’s largest skyscraper… unassisted… with a video camera.

3. Goalkeeping errors are this page’s bread-and-butter, as– now that I think of it– is American collegiate soccerball. This week, a hapless Oklahoman books his place in the NCAA Hall of FAIL.

2. Hats off to England full-back Ben Foden; he’s got flow.

1. For today’s top stunt, you’ll need: some customised children’s trikes, a long, empty mountainside road and several pairs of thick-soled boots.

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