3 medicine ball exercises to improve your core power

Any gym will have this piece of equipment.

MEDICINE BALLS ARE an excellent training tool for improving your explosive power.

They can be found in almost any gym, some may be collecting dust, others may be used for a Russian twist exercise or push ups while balancing feet and hands on them.

Whilst such exercises have benefits they will not improve your performance for sport. Being able to do a push up while having your hands on feet balanced on balls may look impressive but has very little benefit for performance.

Being able to almost put a medicine ball through a wall or putting a dent in the floor……that’s a different story.

Give these 3 exercises a try and improve your explosive power while doing so:

Rotational medicine ball slam

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

Perpendicular one arm throw

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

Chest pass

Source: Elite Physical Prep/YouTube

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