American 200 and 400 metre runner Michael Johnson holds the Olympic Torch at Stonehenge. Chris Ison/PA Wire
London 2012

Games legend lights up Stonehenge with Olympic torch visit

“This is great — winning an Olympic gold medal is great,” said the multiple gold medal winner this morning.

AMERICAN SPRINT LEGEND Michael Johnson has carried the Olympic torch around the iconic English landmark Stonehenge today. Why not?

On the 55th day of the torch relay, Johnson jogged around the famous stones early this morning.

The 44-year-old American still holds the 400-metre world record and has won five Olympic gold medals spanning the Games in Barcelona (1992), Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000). Afterwards, Johnson refused to declare whether winning gold medals ranked higher than carrying the Olympic torch.

“It was amazing,” Johnson said, “It was a great experience to carry the torch around the iconic Stonehenge. It was amazing, unbelievable.  I don’t rank, it’s all great.

“This is great — winning an Olympic gold medal is great.”

The torch relay will cover 12,900 kilometres across Britain and Ireland by the time it finishes at the opening ceremony on 27 July. Johnson expects a top-class event once the Games get underway.

“The competition on the track should take care of itself and I think London will do a great job of hosting the Games,” Johnson added.

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