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As it happened: Ireland v Wales, Women's Six Nations

Scott Bemand’s got off the mark in Cork.

Hello, and welcome along to The 42’s live coverage of Ireland v Wales in the 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations.

Scott Bemand’s side are looking to get off the mark in Cork, after defeats to France and Italy.

Kick-off at Virgin Media Park is 4.45pm, with the game live on Virgin Media Two.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the action right here, though.

Team news

There’s one change to the Ireland XV for this evening’s showdown, with co-captain Edel McMahon returning to the back row.

Clíodhna Moloney is named on the bench, and she’s set to make her long-awaited comeback. The Exeter hooker has been in international exile since November 2021.

cliodhna-moloney Moloney at Musgrave Park. Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO


  • 15. Lauren Delany
  • 14. Katie Corrigan
  • 13. Eve Higgins
  • 12. Enya Breen
  • 11. Béibhinn Parsons
  • 10. Dannah O’Brien
  • 9. Aoibheann Reilly
  • 1. Linda Djougang
  • 2. Neve Jones
  • 3. Christy Haney
  • 4. Dorothy Wall
  • 5. Sam Monaghan (co-captain)
  • 6. Aoife Wafer
  • 7. Edel McMahon (co-captain)
  • 8. Brittany Hogan


  • 16. Clíodhna Moloney
  • 17. Niamh O’Dowd
  • 18. Sadhbh McGrath
  • 19. Fiona Tuite
  • 20. Shannon Ikahihifo
  • 21. Molly Scuffil-McCabe
  • 22. Nicole Fowley
  • 23. Aoife Dalton.

Team news

Here’s how the opposition line up. Ioan Cunningham has made four changes to the side that lost 46-10 away to England, with Great Britain Sevens flyer Jasmine Joyce returning to the wing.

Sara Cox is the referee this evening.


  • 15. Jenny Hesketh
  • 14. Jasmine Joyce
  • 13. Hannah Jones (captain)
  • 12. Kerin Lake
  • 11. Carys Cox
  • 10. Lleucu George
  • 9. Keira Bevan
  • 1. Gwenllian Pyrs
  • 2. Carys Phillips
  • 3. Sisilia Tuipulotu
  • 4. Abbie Fleming
  • 5. Georgia Evans
  • 6. Alisha Butchers
  • 7. Alex Callender
  • 8. Bethan Lewis


  • 16. Molly Reardon
  • 17. Abbey Constable
  • 18. Donna Rose
  • 19. Natalia John
  • 20. Gwennan Hopkins
  • 21. Sian Jones
  • 22. Kayleigh Powell
  • 23. Courtney Keight.

TWO GAMES DEEP, two promising performances, and yet, Ireland are still teetering on a dangerous verge. Drop this weekend, and they are at risk of ending their Six Nations campaign in exactly the same fashion as they did in 2023.

Their last win in the competition stretches back to a one-point victory over Scotland on 30 April, 2022.

And yet, this feels like a much more hopeful championship for Ireland. Their results against both France and Italy show a marked improvement on the corresponding fixtures that took place last year. 

  • You can read Sinéad Farrell’s match preview here>

Sinéad is on the ground in Cork for us this evening:

The teams are out on the pitch at Virgin Media Park, we’re set for the pre-match formalities.

The Virgin Media panel is split on predictions: Jenny Murphy goes for a Wales win, Fiona Hayes backs Ireland, and Eimear Considine’s call is a draw.

Ready to go

edel-mcmahon-during-the-warm-up Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO

Ireland 0-0 Wales 

Kick-off – Wales get us underway in the April sun.

Ireland 0-0 Wales 

3 mins - Ireland reverse a slow start, turning over Carys Phillips close to the try line. Dannah O’Brien clears the danger from the subsequent penalty.

Earlier, O’Brien did not meet the kick-off, while Brittany Hogan was penalised for rolling away too slowly with Wales on the charge. They went for the corner and produced a strong line-out maul from there, before the crucial turnover.

Ireland 0-0 Wales 

6 mins - A bit of over and back, but Ireland have settled into this rightly. O’Brien looks to kick, but it goes astray and over the try-line. Beibhinn Parsons pressurises the Welsh player to touch, so Lleucu George takes the drop-out.

It sits up nicely for Ireland and they are on the attack again, but the Welsh defence is ferocious and they eventually overturn. Quite an open start. 

Ireland 0-0 Wales 

9 mins – Neve Jones’ line-out goes too far, and Wales look to counter quickly. Ireland hold them up, but only momentarily. Poor mistake from Lauren Delany, as she knocks on a Welsh kick from deep – she seemed to have quite a bit of time to claim. Scrum time.

Ireland 0-0 Wales

12 mins - Possession stats flash up: Wales 56%, Ireland 44%. Neither side with a real clear-cut opportunity to get off the mark just yet.

Ireland 0-0 Wales

14 mins - Ireland move through the phases, O’Brien opts to kick and put Wales under pressure – it looks to be going towards the corner but bounces awkwardly over the try-line. Wales recycle, Ireland’s line-out is much better on this occasion, chance here…

TRY! Ireland 5-0 Wales (Aoife Wafer 15)

Pure power from Wafer as she crashes over. Ireland claimed the line-out and spread quickly from left to right, but opted to go back – Waver carries strongly and finishes in the corner.

O’Brien adds the extras with a big kick. 7-0.

Ireland 7-0 Wales 

18 mins - Wales respond well, but so too do Ireland. George looks to have nailed a big kick to find touch, but it bounces in-field at the last second, and O’Brien hits back accordingly. Break in play as Georgia Evans receives treatment 

Ireland 7-0 Wales 

19 mins - Edel McMahon, back in the XV, steals the line-out and Ireland are growng in confidence here…

TRY! Ireland 12-0 Wales (Eve Higgins 20)

Another big Eve Higgins carry, and she’s over! Ireland had moved through the phases before that point, Aoibheann Reilly spotting a gap and taking the opportunity before showing great patience as she’s held up. Higgins gets on it from there and drives over.

O’Brien converts. 14-0. Great start.

Ireland 14-0 Wales 

25 mins - O’Brien’s kicking game is paying dividends here, putting the Welsh under pressure.

They win their latest line-out and show real attacking impetus as they move from right to left and back again. They win a penalty amidst it all, Reilly opts to tap and go, and they keep on moving. 

Another kickable penalty, O’Brien goes to the corner. Big call.

TRY! Ireland 19-0 Wales (Neve Jones 27)

Wales don’t contest the line-out, Ireland produce a big maul and Jones carries all the way to dot down despite Wales’ best efforts.

O’Brien makes it three conversions from three, and it’s 21-0.

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

29 mins - What a game from Ireland so far. Scott Bemand’s side have taken their opportunities today, unlike the last day against Italy. Their handling has been much improved too, while they have really cut down on unforced errors.

They’re straight back to it from the restart, with Wafer and Sam Monaghan producing some moments of individual brilliance.

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

32 mins - Change for Wales. Number eight Bethan Lewis is withdrawn, Georgia Evans moves there and Natalia John comes in. They need something — and fast.

aoife-wafer-scores-a-try-despite-keira-bevan Aoife Wafer on the charge. Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

33 mins – Another chance for Ireland! Wafer makes a brilliant break, but she’s held up as she approaches the line. Ireland spread it to the left, Hannah Jones intercepts — it’s just seen as a knock-on not deliberate, so we go to the scrum.

Wafer’s stats flash up: five carries, 46 metres made. Unreal.

Another Welsh change: Courtney Knight replaces Kerin Lake, who is forced off with injury. 

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

36 mins – Ireland get going from the scrum, with fluency, cohesion and patience. Monaghan is within five metres…

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

37 mins – Let off for Wales there, as the opportunity for the bonus point before half time evades Ireland. They really needed to get wide there, spread out from the congested middle as they’re within a metre or two, but Alex Callender steals and a golden chance is gone.

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

39 mins – And there’s a let off for Ireland at the other end. Lleucu George steals from under the nose of Parsons and they make a rare entry into the Irish 22. They eventually knock-on, to much celebration, Ireland must secure the scrum and that should be that for the first half…

Half time: Ireland 21-0 Wales 

aoibheann-reilly-makes-a-break Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO

Ireland firmly in the driving seat at the halfway point at Musgrave Park. A dream first half for Scott Bemand’s side. The best Irish performance we have seen in quite some time, and a scoreline to match. The stats on Virgin Media say it all. So far, so good!

Aoife Wafer, Eve Higgins and Neve Jones all on the money, with Dannah O’Brien nailing all three conversions.

21-0 at the break — and it could well be more. “Really positive stuff,” the Virgin Media panel agree.

Here’s a look through the tries:

Ireland 21-0 Wales 

40 mins - Dannah O’Brien gets us underway once again.

TRY! Ireland 26-0 Wales (Katie Corrigan 42)

WOW! Corrigan charges George down as the Welsh 10 looks to routinely clear her side’s lines. The Irish teenager drives on from the block and finishes herself. O’Brien converts. 28-0.

What a start to the second half, Ireland pick up where they left off. And bonus point secured.

Ireland 28-0 Wales 

45 mins – George successfully clears on the next occasion, they get the jump on the line-out and look to attack but knock the ball on. 

Wales are really deflated now, but is there a sting in their tail?

Ireland 31-0 Wales

49 mins - Dannah O’Brien penalty, as Ireland keep the scoreboard ticking over. Five from five for the Tullow youngster.

Ireland 31-0 Wales

50 mins - Fiona Tuite comes in for Ireland, with Sam Monaghan making way.

Wales penalised for a late hit on Dannah O’Brien in the middle. She finds touch.

Ireland 31-0 Wales 

52 mins – First line-out without Monaghan doesn’t go overly well. Wales are enjoying a slightly brighter spell here, can they capitalise and get on the scoreboard?

A huge cheer as Clíodhna Moloney comes in for Ireland. She takes over at hooker from Neve Jones.

Wales make some changes of their own, Molly Reardon is the latest off the bench.

Ireland 31-0 Wales 

56 mins – Double change for Ireland — Molly Scuffil-McCabe comes in for Aoibheann Reilly, Aoife Dalton for Enya Breen — through a stop-start few minutes. Ireland remain firmly on the front foot…

Ireland 31-0 Wales 

58 mins - Let off for Wales, as Ireland look to spread it wide but Corrigan mishandles.

A little later, O’Brien dinks a lovely kick to touch and Ireland have another attacking platform. 

Shannon Ikahihifo comes in for her international debut.

Ireland 31-0 Wales 

59 mins - Wales make some more changes of their own. Top five tacklers of the game are all Welsh, giving an indication of the Irish dominance. The hosts’ top tackler has made 10.

TRY! Ireland 36-0 Wales (Béibhinn Parsons 60)

More excellent Irish play, finish off by Parsons. It’s the Ballinasloe flyer’s first try of this Six Nations, and it’s superbly done. Ireland move through the phases from the scrum, Wafer releases Parsons and she turns on the wheels down the left. 

O’Brien can’t add the extras, her first miss from the tee all day.

Ireland 36-0 Wales

64 mins - Niamh O’Dowd and Sadhbh McGrath and come in for Ireland, replacing Linda Djougang and Christy Haney. Wales, meanwhile, have emptied their bench.

Djougang hasn’t left the pitch yet, she looks to be in quite a bit of pain.

Ireland 36-0 Wales

65 mins - Let off for Ireland. They overthrow in their own corner, and fortunately, the Welsh player knocks on amidst what should have been a clear try.

Wafer carries from the scrum, O’Brien successfully clears Ireland’s lines.

An update on Djougang: she went off with her arm in a makeshift sling, Ireland will be hoping it’s not as serious as it looks. 

linda-djougang-comes-up-against-sisilia-tuipulotu Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO

Ireland 36-0 Wales 

66 mins – Wales get over, on-field word is it’s held up, we’re with the TMO now.

Ireland 36-5 Wales (Gwennan Hopkins 66)

On-field decision is overturned, TMO says the ball is grounded and Wales are off the mark.

Gwennan Hopkins – despite Dannah O’Brien’s best efforts – bags her first international try on her debut.

Poor conversion attempt. Stays 36-5.

Ireland 36-5 Wales 

68 mins - Nicole Fowley comes in for Edel McMahon.

Here’s the Welsh try:

Ireland 36-5 Ireland 

70 mins - Wales are enjoying their brightest spell so far in this game, but it feels like it’s too little too late. Or is it? As Hopkins breaks up field…

Ireland 36-5 Wales 

74 mins - Ireland successfully turn their visitors over. Good work from Wafer off the back of a scrum, and O’Brien steps up with another monstrous kick to bring them to safety. The Welsh line-out goes awry, and they’re on the back foot again.

Grace Davitt hails some of Ireland’s key players on commentary: McMahon, Wall and Wales’ Callender get a mention, but she selects Wafer as her Player of the Match.

At that, she’s off, after another huge shift.

Ireland 36-12 Wales 

77 mins - A second Wales try – Carys Cox. TMO is checking an offload though…

Ireland 36-5 Wales 

77 mins – That Wales try has been chalked off for a forward pass.

Ireland 36-5 Wales 

78 mins – Ireland keep Wales to a single score as the final whistle nears. They navigate the scrum accordingly and O’Brien finds touch. From the line-out, Ireland win a scrum.

As they work it out, Parsons knocks on. Another scrum. Clock in the red, this should be it.

Welsh penalty in the corner as they look to add a second try at the death…

Ireland strip it, and that’s that!

Ireland 36-5 Wales

aoife-dalton-is-tackled-by-jenny-hesketh-and-alisha-butchers Ben Brady / INPHO Ben Brady / INPHO / INPHO

Incredible scenes at the final whistle as Ireland’s first Six Nations win since April 2022 is confirmed. Points on the board in 2024, Scott Bemand’s side are up and running.

A FIRST SIX Nations victory since 2022, and Ireland delivered with a blistering display. Scott Bemand’s side continued their encouraging form in this year’s championship, but this time, they have points on the board to show for their endeavor at Musgrave Park in Cork.

  • Sinead Farrell’s match report is available to read on The42 >


And here’s Ireland’s second-half tries:

That’s all from me. A day to remember for the Irish women’s rugby team — one that they have waited for for quite some time. Onwards.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your evening!

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