Movember power rankings: this year’s best sporting mos, #10-#1

Before we bid farewell to those beloved mos for another 11 months, here are the sports stars who really impressed us this Movember.

AS SWEDISH ONE-HIT wonders Europe sang: it’s the final countdown.

Today is the final day of Movember 2013 and if you’ve been paying attention — yes, you — you’ll know that we’ve spent the last month trawling through the world of sport to pick out the finest facial hair, the nicest nose neighbours and the most marvellous mos.

Yesterday we revealed #20-#11 but this is where it gets serious. There can be only one Movember champion, so who will succeed Padraig Harrington as this year’s winner?

Drumroll please…

Movember power rankings: this year’s best sporting mos, #10-#1
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  • 10. Glenn Whelan

    Forget about Marty and Roy -- Glenn Whelan's moustache and soul patch combo was one of the highlights of Ireland's training camp this month.
  • 9. Joe McMahon

    Tyrone footballer Joe McMahon gets bonus points for quite literally chopping and changing his style as the month went on. It's a strong, traditional finish for Big Joe.
  • 8. Cian Healy

    Rather than slavishly follow the handlebar trend, Healy has gone out on his own. We believe this is called a French beard but we're no experts.Source: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan
  • 7. Patrick Hyland

    Boxer Patrick Hyland has been a regular in this year's power rankings and when he offered to dye the handlebars for the final few days, he cemented his place.
  • 6. Jacques Burger

    Of all the mos we've seen, we're struggling to think of one that suits its owner as much as Burger's does. Perfect.
  • 5. Steffon Armitage

    In case you're wondering, yes we know that Armitage's hat was photoshopped in. And no, we don't care.
  • 4. Shane Lowry

    Lowry won't mind us saying that he's one of the surprise packages of Movember 2013. After some sketchy initial growth, this is a fine, fine effort.
  • 3. Tim Murtagh

    With Max Sorensen and John Mooney also growing mos, competition was fierce in the Irish cricket team. But Murtagh was head and shoulders above the rest throughout, and the robe seals the deal.
  • 2. Aaron Rodgers

    A BOLTER AT #2! We owe our readers and Aaron Rodgers an apology for overlooking the Green Bay Packers until now. After all, Rodgers has shown excellent Movember credentials in previous years. This is no different.Source: Mike Roemer
  • 1. Tommy Martin

    So this year's Movember champion is Tommy Martin. Anyone who has been watching TV3's sports coverage over the last month will testify in support of Martin's glorious mo. The 1980s goalkeeper look was an inspired move.

Movember power rankings: this year’s best sporting mos, #20-#11

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