Doing Movember this year? Here's the sports stars' guide to your facial fuzz options

Which mo should you grow?

IT’S THAT TIME of the year again.

The gentlemen of Ireland are preparing to put down their razors, brave ridicule, and cultivate the kind of facial hair that would see you laughed out of the pub on a Friday night during any other month of the year.

Yes, it’s Movember.

If you’re setting out on the 30-day odyssey of the great unshaven, this is a particularly exciting time, a time of boundless possibilities. Which mo should you grow?

Allow these Irish sports starts to guide you through your options.

The Pencil

Jamie Heaslip knows all about choosing the right lines on the pitch — and on his face. This is one for the minimalists.

ZDEyNTU1MmE2YmM2OGJiMGE0ZmZmN2Y3NDMyMTBiNGH_cnfjNjiDaYwK4yWjyQx0aHR0cDovL2MyLnRoZWpvdXJuYWwuaWUvbWVkaWEvMjAxMi8xMS9qYW1pZS1oZWFzbGlwLTgxMTIwMTItMi5qcGd8NjA1fHx8fHx8fHx8 Source: INPHO

The Paintbrush

Irish cricketer Tim Murtagh models a mo that you could use to paint a door frame. The white robe only adds to the look, really.

The Gentleman Thief

When Ray Houghton debuted this 1920s throwback on RTÉ a few years ago, the country nearly went into collective meltdown. Classy, with a slightly sinister edge.

houghton-4 Source: RTÉ

The Horseshoe

We’d argue that there has been no finer Irish mo in recent years than Padraig Harrington’s full-bodied horseshoe. No wispy bits or bald spots there.

ZTlhNGYzNWI4OWUzMmZlNjY5NGI2YzQwMjNlZmVhMzR6DhX1PFQJRbBH-97kVj3xaHR0cDovL2MzLnRoZWpvdXJuYWwuaWUvbWVkaWEvMjAxMi8xMS9hYmVhZmVmYjE3NzViY2RlYzM2ZDljNTllZDg5NTEyMjNmYzEzMDBiZTRhOWE5ZTkxYjdmYmE0NDk5Y2MwMTBmLmpwZ3x8fHx8f Source: PA

The Horseshoe and Soul Patch

If you want to take the horseshoe to the next level, add a soul patch under the bottom lip like Oulart-the-Ballagh captain Darren Nolan.

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ZmUxZDk0YWYxZjk3MDY5NzI0N2QwZTVkZWZhMmUyMDGqClJGY57VOoOnGJ-k6pnOaHR0cDovL2MzLnRoZWpvdXJuYWwuaWUvbWVkaWEvMjAxMy8xMS9kYXJyZW4tbm9sYW4uanBnfDYwNXx8fHx8fHx8fA== Source: INPHO

The Chin Puff

An elongated soul patch for the men who just don’t know when to stop — like Cian Healy.

M2QxNWQwOWM0MjZmM2E1YjRjZmU2MTgxZDE0MWYxYTlKFts_I4eZR28HbPog3SelaHR0cDovL2MwLnRoZWpvdXJuYWwuaWUvbWVkaWEvMjAxMy8xMS9jaWFuLWhlYWx5LTQwLmpwZ3w2MDV8fHx8fHx8fHw= Source: INPHO

The Handlebar

Neil McComb’s 2012 effort was a classic, oozing style and sophistication. Be ready to invest in some tache wax to get those twirly bits at the end right.


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