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BBC's Fiona Bruce steps back from domestic violence charity after Stanley Johnson remark
It follows claims she trivialised domestic violence during a discussion about Boris Johnson’s father Stanley on a BBC politics show.
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Know your sport? Take our weekly quiz
Let’s see how much you remember from the past week.
Dunmore East fishermen tell Minister: 'Every year it's getting harder to make a living'
We spent a morning down in Dunmore East to hear what fishermen had to say to the Minister for the Marine.
Quiz: How much do you know about Dublin?
What do you know about Ireland’s capital?
I played in the top 5 English divisions, at a World Cup and won the Champions League. Who am I?
Can you name this week’s mystery player?
'Is the virus coming to our house?': 5 weighty questions from my kids - and how I've answered them
From the coronavirus to mortality, my kids cover all the bases, writes Sheena McGinley.
‘The English are arrogant. But to be arrogant you have to be good. They’ll beat Ireland’
After two weeks of the tournament, we ask a team of experts to assess how this Six Nations season is going for Ireland.
'No intention to mislead': BBC admits 'mistake' in editing laughter from Boris Johnson clip
The broadcaster said the clip was cut for a shorter package to be shown on Sunday’s lunchtime bulletin.
'Never intended to cause hurt or pain': Johnson refuses to apologise for 'racist rhetoric'
The UK’s main political party leaders faced tough questioning on BBC’s Question Time this evening.
'Suddenly everything just exploded' - Bonnie Greer on sticking up for Ireland on the BBC
The US-born writer said the reaction to her comments
All in your head! 3 questions to ask yourself before setting foot in the gym
Painting a clear mental picture before attacking your goals head-on is hugely important, writes personal trainer Dean Merton.
This young woman was declared the 'real winner' of last night's May/Corbyn debate
“I don’t understand why everyone in this room seems so keen on killing millions of people with a nuclear bomb.”
Maternity hospital on agenda as TDs return from Easter break
An Taoiseach has been answering questions around who will own the National Maternity Hospital.
'All that money was properly accounted for' - Delaney defends FAI dealings with Fifa €5m payment
The FAI CEO rejected suggestions he is a friend of Sepp Blatter and welcomed a 48-team World Cup.
Taoiseach pressured on public sector pay in Leaders' Questions
Jokes about trains some slightly odd interruptions provided mild diversions in this afternoon’s session.
Dublin's misfiring forwards, young leaders and confidence issues
5 key questions for Jim Gavin to ponder after Sunday’s drawn All-Ireland final.
Ministers who avoid answering questions could find themselves on a naughty list
A report is to be published quarterly listing the ministers who repeatedly refuse to answer TDs’ questions adequately.
10 important questions Irish women have for Irish men
We demand answers.
We asked 7 people who know nothing about the UFC to discuss MMA
But they all still knew who Conor McGregor was fighting this weekend.
Can you identify these Italia 90 players from their Panini sticker?
If you spent your pocket money on Wham bars, Cadet cola and Panini stickers, step right this way…
The42's virtually impossible Ireland at Italia 90 quiz
Get ready for the hardest test you’ll take today.
Irish Rail and the NRA dropped by for our live Q&A
…And 101 other things. Barry Kenny of Irish Rail and the NRA’s Sean O’Neill dropped by the newsroom for a chat this afternoon.
How well do you remember these Irish sporting debuts?
Ahead of Joseph Duffy’s first UFC fight, test your knowledge of some other notable Irish debuts.
How well do you remember the sporting quotes of 2014?
It’s only words and words are all I have.
Newstalk commentator Dave McIntyre gets a frosty response from Louis van Gaal
Apparently questions about David de Gea’s future are off limits.
Taoiseach talks up tax cuts, calls water protesters "baying mob"
Meanwhile, despite appeals from an enraged Mick Wallace, the Taoiseach has declined to announce a snap election.
This is why you were forced to download Facebook Messenger
The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the reason why in a public Q&A held at its headquarters.
Joan Burton told: 'The country wants Enda's head on a plate and you can deliver it'
Mick Wallace said people are sick with ‘cronyism in Irish politics’.
British govt to Scotland: We'll give you more powers... if you vote no to independence
This came after a poll out the pro-independence camp ahead for the first time.
How well do you know the World Cup? Here are 20 questions
You don’t have to be Statto to ace this quiz.
Brendan Howlin grilled on the housing crisis and cuts to public services
One TD pointed out that “We need 1 staff member per 4 patients but instead we’ve got 1 per 8 during the day and 1 per 12 during the night”.
Reilly accused of needing Prime Time programme to be aired before taking action
The Health Minister was questioned on a range of health care topic in the Dáil today.
RTE boss to answer questions about The Saturday Night Show for the first time
Director General Noel Curran will field questions about a number of issues before an Oireachtas committee this morning.
POLL: Would you like to see standing reintroduced at Premier League grounds?
Aston Villa have offered to trial some limited standing areas.
Moments after the biggest win of her career, Eugenie Bouchard was asked about her dream date
Canada’s new star will face Li Na in the Australian Open semi finals.’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year
Were you paying attention over the past 12 months?
Absent TDs and unanswered questions leave Micheál Martin criticising Dáil reforms
Changes to the question time have been criticised but the government chief whip has defended the new format following near-farcical scenes in the chamber on Thursday.
'A very thin skin': Jon Snow's Alex Ferguson interview is more incisive than most
Look at him, he’s thinking about banning Jon Snow right now.
DJ Carey, John Mullane and Nicky English walk into a bar... for top hurling charity night
Get yourself to Nenagh tonight.
Dublin's Ger Brennan on the Leinster Final and working with kids
The centre back expects a tough game against Meath today.