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Salazar's Oregon Project 'should be shut down,' says whistleblower
‘Clearly it had principles not in line with clean sport and we have to just start over.’
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Barcelona release new 90s-inpired third kit
It’s the latest strip to feature Nike’s retro logo after Tottenham, Chelsea and Inter Milan.
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The attempt to record a two-hour marathon narrowly failed today
Eliud Kipchoge flagged late on and finished 25 seconds out.
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LeBron James has just signed a lifetime deal with Nike worth an insane amount of money
That’s retirement sorted.
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How Nike got an insane deal on the 'Swoosh' logo
Phil Knight drove a hard bargain, even when Nike was just getting started.
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Rory McIlroy takes it out on Nike club at US Open
The Northern Irishman bent one club over his leg in frustration last night.
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Rory McIlroy’s terrible season is getting even worse
Nike’s poster boy is going to miss the cut if he doesn’t cop on.
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Nike recreated Tiger Woods' trick-shot commercial with Rory McIlroy
Eldrick is so noughties.
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Caroline the caddy and lunch with The Bear: 6 things we learned from Rory's latest interview
His life is just like ours!
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Nike's new Tiger Woods ad draws critics
He’s back at No 1 and feeling pretty, pretty good about it.
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Sponsors Nike, Oakley sever ties to Oscar Pistorius
“Nike has no plans for Oscar Pistorius in upcoming campaigns,” a spokesman said last night.
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'It's not about the clubs' -- Blame me not the new Nike gear, says McIlroy
It was a bad start with his new sponsor in Abu Dhabi this morning.
# Odd Couple
Tiger and Rory were never together when they shot their new Nike ad
That’s some nifty editing, Nike guys.
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VIDEO: Here's Rory McIlroy's first ad with Nike... and it features Tiger Woods
The world’s top two golfers are friends now. Really.
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Done deal: 8 things we learned from Rory McIlroy's big Nike unveiling in Abu Dhabi
The two-time Major winner has sealed the multi-million dollar deal.
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Nike set to announce McIlroy deal
Rory will wear the big Swoosh for the first time on Monday.
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5 ads we want Nike to make with Rory McIlroy, now they've signed him up
Make it black and white, put a Daft Punk soundtrack on it and let’s sell some sneakers.
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VIDEO: Nike commercial takes a shot at the NHL and its ongoing lockout
They really care about the little guy.
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Oakley is reportedly suing Rory McIlroy and Nike, hoping to hold up their $200m endorsement deal
Mo’ money, mo’ problems.
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Rory McIlroy says no Nike deal yet
“It’s a process we’re working through and you’ll probably hear about it in the next few weeks,” said the Holywood man.
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The NBA's most prolific dunker is the newest face of the Jordan brand
There’s some big Nike boots to fill. And Blake Griffin reckons he’s the man to do it.
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Faldo reckons Rory McIlroy’s mooted move to Nike is ‘dangerous’
It’s just a new pair of spikes and a driver right?
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Opinion: Rory McIlroy facing his biggest change
McIlroy is a marketing dream, which made him worth too much to stay with Titleist.
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Opinion: This is the real reason Nike canned Lance Armstrong
The Oregan giants at last terminated the disgraced cyclist’s contract today citing ‘insurmountable evidence’.
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Nike workers in Indonesia say they are kicked and slapped
In one factory producing Converse runners, workers have described being hit and called names, and made to stand in the blazing sun.