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The YouTube top 8: another week, another round-up of the best online action

A trio of All Blacks busk on Grafton Street, Jose’s game of Chinese whispers lands him in trouble and a high-school football game turns into a Ben Hur battle scene.

1. All Blacks

Not only did they beat our boys at the Aviva Stadium, the All Blacks spent the build-up to the game acting the maggot around Grafton Street.

Warning: Joe Rokocoko sings.

HT 22 Dropout

2. Careless whipsers

We discussed those two bizarre sendings-off at the Amsterdam Arena earlier in the week. UEFA called shenanigans and are investigating Real Madrid.

They need look no further than this clip from Dutch TV. Yesh.

3. I love it when a plan comes together…

Ice hockey sides who are chasing a last-ditch equaliser often remove their goalkeeper for an extra outfield player. Sometimes the plan backfires.

4. High-school football is a helluva sport

When a couple of players are pepper-sprayed through their helmets by the police, you know you’ve been in a game. This happened in North Carolina in the past week.

5. Not everyone like Messi

This witty Greek fan makes his feelings quite clear to the visiting Argentine superstar. Touché.

HT The Spoiler

6. You’re fired!

Embarrassed Romanian champions Cluj sacked Sorin Cartu as boss today after he went berserk and put his foot through a glass dugout in Basle.
He should just turn up tomorrow like George Costanza.


7. Crazy shot

Nothing Chris Anderson does is surprising any more. ‘Birdman’ came on for 18 minutes against the Warriors this week – and then he did this.

8. In the saddle

Introducing cycle-ball. We don’t know why either.

HT Deadspin

Got any more suggestions from this week’s action?