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7 things to consider when buying yourself new runners in the January sales

And we’re not talking ‘Dunnes or Tesco’ here.

LOOKING TO BUY some running shoes this winter but have no clue about what you should look for?

Entering a dedicated running shop can be daunting as you’re confronted with all makes, all shapes, all sizes and all prices of running shoe. It was always far simpler before, wasn’t it?

But follow these simple few steps and we’ll help you pick up what you’re looking for.

First off, realise that all feet are different Some are wide and short, more narrow and long. There is an infinite amount of variations and accordingly, running shoes also differ greatly.

Be prepared to spend money: Like most things, you get what you pay for. Better runners will fit better, feel better, last longer, and keep you injury-free. Better runners also cost more. Shock, horror.

Become aware of what type of arches you have: The arches of your feet need to be looked at in detail, preferably by a qualified salesperson who knows what he’s doing and what he’s looking for. An unsupported arch could lag and even fall, and this can be painful and detrimental to performance. You will either have flat feet (low arches), normal feet or high arches.

Get your feet measured every time: Your feet change shape, not by much, but they do grow, so just because you were a 10 before doesn’t mean you are a 10 now. Don’t rush into a shop and pick up the first ones you see. Feet expand during exercise too so be aware of this. You need a little wiggle room to allow for this.

Have the salesperson do a running analysis for you: He’ll watch you run, either outside, on a mat or on treadmill, and determine your running style. He’ll observe whether you’re over-pronating (your foot rolls inward) or supinating (your foot rolls outward) when your foot strikes the ground. From this information he/she can prescribe the best shoes for you.

Bring your current running shoes to the shop: This will give the salesperson more information about how you run. So if you are wearing the shoes more on one side he/she can suggest a certain type of shoe, one that is perhaps more hard-wearing.

Forget appearance! We want you to stay injury-free and enjoy your running. We’re not so keen on how you look. You’ll look a lot better leading the pack in a local 10k wearing some shoes that fit you and you feel great in, rather than at the back of the bunch in some fancy cheap pair.

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