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The YouTube Top 10: Because Joe and Henry are too cool for school

An incredible table-tennis shot, an NFL star on the comeback trail and memories of Mainz.

10. Four years ago today, Ireland kicked off their World Cup qualifying campaign away to Georgia. Fortunately, the game was moved to be played in Mainz, Germany.

We won’t have the luxury of a neutral venue when we launch our bid to be at Brazil 2014 tomorrow, but hopefully Ireland can shake off all their recent troubles and deliver an identical result.

YouTube credit: Videosport

9. That performance was one end of the Trap spectrum, much closer to Paris in November than Poznan in June. But it is just 365* short days since we went to Moscow and looked like boys playing men.

Well, most of us looked like boys. There was one – like the kid who grew a moustache when he was 12 and lined out for the seniors a year later – who stood tall and said: ‘Not today, Andrei. Not today.’

Ignore the annoying clangy music over this video, I guess the uploader couldn’t find a more fitting song.

YouTube credit: Karatel2011

*The date on the YouTube clip is wrong. The FAI has the date as September 6.

8. Team GB’s David Wetherill produced one of the highlights of the Paralympic Games with this Boris Becker-esque diving cross-table forehand. Beautiful.

YouTube Credit: NPH06

7. It may not quite have been Joe Canning’s debut, but this day out against Cork in 2008 proved to the country what half of Galway had been saying for some time. He is a force of nature. Have a gawk at six other magic moments from JC here.

YouTube credit: 77eoin

6. Never one to be outdone: King Henry Shefflin.

YouTube credit: HurlingGoals

5. We’re familiar with the routine by now. A new inclusion into Giovanni Trapattoni’s merry band must entertain the troops by singing a song of their choice. This week – thanks to Darron Gibson – we were treated to this by David Meyler.

YouTube Credit: faiofficial

4. Hulk signed for Zenit St Petersburg this week, ending a five-year association with Porto. This goal (after three minutes) turned out to be his final for the Dragões, and it pretty much summed him up. Power.

YouTube credit: tubeHD2

3. You may remember a few weeks back when Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson was cut from Miami Dolphins on national television following his arrest for domestic violence. Well, he’s back. He’s full of remorse. And he’s ready to give an NFL franchise all that Chad Johnson has to give. Listen out for the killer line right at the end when he tells us what he thinks about Chad Johnson, the football player.

Youtube credit: BrutusDA

2. And speaking of the NFL… it returned with a bang last night as the New York Giants hosted the Dallas Cowboys. Here;s four hours of action compressed into 33 seconds.

YouTube credit: CalizoeTVHD

1. Jason Smyth will will run in the 200m heats tonight bidding to once-again claim the Paralympic sprint double. Unless you were under a rock on Saturday night you’ll have heard he broke the world record over 100m. Take 10.46 seconds to relive that moment in all its glory.

YouTube credit: TopNotchCodEdits

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