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3 ways to make your planks a lot harder - and get better results
Get busy.

PLANKS ARE THE ‘go-to guy’ when it comes to core exercises because they require nothing more than the length of yourself to perform and can be done almost anywhere.

But what can easily happen is one gets stuck in a ‘rut’ in terms of how long you hold them for, thus halting progression.

Like anything, you improve by doing more or doing them more intensely but for the purposes of this core routine, we’re going to focus on the latter, ie more intensely.

However long you’ve been holding your planks for, be it 30 seconds or three minutes, we’re going to introduce you to three ways to make them harder.

Variation number one

From the plank position — that is keeping your shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line and balancing on your elbows and toes — extend your elbows and press your palms into the floor.

Hold this for the allotted time. If this becomes ‘easy’ and you don’t feel you’re getting a benefit, ‘walk’ your hands forward as far as you can go, without your back sagging.

‘Walk’ backwards again until your hands are perpendicular with the floor.

Repeat this as many times as you can.

Variation number two

With your elbows extended and hands pressed into the floor, bring your right knee up to your right elbow slowly and return to starting plank position. Repeat with the left.

The trick is to do the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner.

Continue for as long as you can but always keep your core muscles braced.

You should feel a burn here!

Variation number three

This time, instead of bringing your right knee up to your right elbow, bring your right knee across your body towards your left elbow and return to starting position.

Then repeat with the opposite leg (left knee to right elbow).

Try three sets of 10 reps either side.

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