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This week
19th March 2023 - 22nd March 2023
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Poll: How far do you think Ireland will go in this year's Rugby World Cup?
Andy Farrell’s men are top of the world and Six Nations champions heading into the summer.
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Poll: Should Ireland have a mobile emergency alert system?
UK residents will receive a test emergency alert on their mobile phones next month.
Last week
12th March 2023 - 18th March 2023
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Poll: Do you like Niall Horan's music?
The Mullingar man performed at the White House for St Patrick’s Day last night.
# St Patrick's Day
Poll: Will you attend a St Patrick's Day parade today?
Or will you be staying on the couch?
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Poll: Is it worthwhile for Ministers to travel abroad for St Patrick’s Day?
Almost €175,000 was spent last year to send ministers abroad on trade missions for St Patrick’s Day.
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Poll: Are you going to do something to celebrate St Patrick's Day?
It’s just two days away.
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Poll: What's your favourite Michael Caine film?
The prolific actor is celebrating his 90th birthday today.
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Poll: Is it acceptable for Americans to make jokes like SNL's about Irish stereotypes?
The strong Irish presence at the Oscars gave rise to some questionable jokes in recent days.
This month
March 2023
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Poll: Will you watch Match of the Day tonight?
The show is to go ahead this evening with no presenters, pundits, or regular commentators.
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Poll: Do you think the eviction ban should be extended?
Cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss whether to extend, amend or lift the ban.
Last month
February 2023
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Poll: Did you spot the Northern Lights this week?
The aurora borealis? At this time of year?
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Poll: Would Holly Cairns' leadership make you more likely to vote for the Social Democrats?
The party will be hoping that a new leader can help its performance in the polling booth.
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Poll: Do you think Ireland can win a Grand Slam at the Six Nations?
The Irish team has beaten Wales, France, and Italy so far.
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Poll: Do you think Joe Biden should serve another term as US President?
Biden’s wife Jill said yesterday that the US president ‘has not finished what he started’.
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Poll: Do you use TikTok?
The European Commission and Council have banned staff from using TikTok on official devices.
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Health and economy ranked as bigger concerns than Protocol for Northern Ireland's voters
Talks have intensified to find a resolution to the Protocol dispute and get parliament functioning again in the North.
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Poll: Are you giving anything up for Lent?
The Christian season lasts for forty days.
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Poll: Would a food trolley service make you more likely to travel by train?
The Cork to Dublin route will be catered again from early April.
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Poll: What time of the day should you eat pancakes on Pancake Tuesday?
It’s that time of year again.
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Poll: Which film do you think should win at the Baftas tonight?
The film awards will be broadcast this evening.
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Poll: Should trade checks remain between Britain and Northern Ireland?
A deal on the Northern Ireland Protocol may be reached in the coming days.
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Poll: Do you have the TikTok app?
The company is planning to open a second data centre in Ireland.
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Poll: How often do you watch or listen to RTÉ?
The broadcaster released its annual list of highest-paid presenters yesterday.
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Poll: Have you ever worked in retail?
New research has found that the majority of Irish retail workers are earning less than a living wage.
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Poll: Do you like Lilt?
Coca-cola said the Lilt name is being shelved, but the drink will taste the same post-rebrand.
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Poll: Do you watch awards shows?
Viewing figures for the big awards shows have been up and down in recent years.
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Poll: What's your favourite Burt Bacharach song?
So. Many. Hits.
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Poll: Do you ever pray?
Let us know.
# Irish Writers
Daily Poll: Do you find time to read books?
For many it can be hard to find the time to sit down with a good book.
January 2023
# Daily poll
Poll: Will you switch to an electric vehicle?
New research shows that demand for EVs is growing strongly.
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Poll: Would you like to see homework scrapped?
Michael D Higgins argues that the time could be better spent allowing youngsters to partake in more creative pursuits outside school hours.
# Micro-renewables
Daily Poll: Do you have solar panels?
Many home-owners opt for solar panels as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and their dependency on fossil fuels.
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Poll: Do you ever take domestic flights in Ireland?
UK regional carrier Flybe ceased trading today.
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Poll: What's your favourite Steven Spielberg film?
The Hollywood veteran’s latest film is hitting Irish cinemas today.
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Poll: Do you support the US and EU countries sending tanks to Ukraine?
The US and Germany have pledged to to provide Ukraine with modern tanks.
# school places
Daily Poll: Should schools be able to reserve places for the children of past pupils?
Currently, schools are allowed to reserve 25% of places for the children of past pupils.
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Poll: Do you support changing to an opt-out organ donor system?
The Dáil is debating a motion today on legislation that concerns organ donation.
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Poll: Would you use Revolut as your main bank?
Have your say!
# 2023
Poll: Are you over January?
A time for new beginnings? Or a month that you’ll be glad to see the back of?
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Poll: Have you dropped any of your New Year's Resolutions yet?
A tsunami of new gym members is common in gyms across the country this month, although there can be a dropoff come February.