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5 things we hate about spinning classes

You need to know the truth before you sign up.

SPINNING IS JUST great, isn’t it? What better way to knock yourself into shape or relieve some stress than going hammer and tongs for an hour to your favourite music?

Well, actually, it’s not all that good, so don’t listen to your friends who tell you you need to try it.
Or read these five pet peeves of ours first before you pull on those dodgy lycra shorts…

1. When the bikes are broken

Why is this so common? Granted, spinning bikes take a fair ol’ pounding and with so many moving parts and so much sweat funneling into where it shouldn’t be, they can be hard to maintain. But why are there so malfunctioning bikes in every gym? The saddle height won’t budge, the saddle rocks, the handlebars wobble. Surely a decent mechanic can be called in every couple of weeks to service them?

2.   When the instructor tries to take you on some spiritual journey


This is the worst of all. The instructor has a job to do, yes, but being some kind of preacher who asks you to close your eyes and ‘visualise your destination’ isn’t in his job description I’m sure.

3. When people come in dressed head to toe in pro cycling gear….

A cycling jersey is okay, you’ll get away with that. Or just lycra shorts are okay too. But for heaven’s sake please don’t come in wearing the full Team Sky Cycling outfit, socks and all, shaven legs and a face on you like you’re fit to kill someone. Only if you are Chris Froome is this acceptable.

4.   When the music is too loud

This is a spinning class, not the nightclub? I’d prefer to hear the instructor’s voice instead of Calvin Harris’s! Come to think of it, I can’t even hear myself think!


5.   When the classes are full

Right up there with number two. You plan your week; family, work, training, whatever. That Tuesday class at 7.30pm is sacred to you. It’s your escape and you pack the gym gear before work in advance. But few things are more annoying than rocking up to the gym only to get told the class is full. Grr!!

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