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DID YOU ENJOY the Greatest Show on Turf? 

The Seattle Seahawks took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX as they looked to become the first team in a decade to defend the NFL title.

On the other side, Tom Brady was hoping to become just the third quarterback to win the biggest game of all four times. 

Join us here for all the best videos, tweets and images from Sunday’s game. 

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Hello and welcome to The42′s coverage of Super Bowl XLIX.

We’ll be here from now, right through the overwrought rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, the actual game, Katy Perry’s half-time show and all the way to the (hopefully) last-minute, game-winning, field goal.

If you’ve missed any of our build up to the game, you can look back over it all here but let’s start with the most important questions of all…

Who is going to win Super Bowl XLIX?

A lot of people are at a Super Bowl party or hosting their own and, to be honest, there’s not better time to eat all of the food than during America’s Game.

Is that a Patriots’ football in the background though?


Competition time - 

We’re giving away a very, very, limited edition The42 mug. To win, be the first to comment with the correct final score in tonight’s game. All entries submitted before the end of the first half will count.

And yes, that is my Raiders hat…

So after 12 hours of build up today, we’re just 3o minutes from kickoff. Bring it on.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will receive the football to start Super Bowl XLIX.

Source: Matt York/AP/Press Association Images

And it’s probably worth remembering what happened on the first play from scrimmage in last year’s Super Bowl:

Source: eRa Bcat/YouTube

Big injury news about two key Seahawks players they managed to keep under wraps:

And Marshawn Lynch is already digging into the Skittles:

The Patriots have the games first first down and Seattle are running a lot of Cover-1 and Cover-3 which opens them up to the short passing game, something New England will look to exploit.

The Sehawks get away with a roughing the kicker call that’s flagged as running into the kicker instead. That’s the difference between a first down for New England or Seattle possession.

Not a good start for the officials. One call, one error.

That’s a great opening stand from the New England defence to hold the Seahawks to three and out.

I didn’t expect the Patriots to be running the ball between the guards so often this early but they’re challenging the Seahawks to defend the inside run. By stacking the box, Seattle are leaving gaps for medium passes.

Really good coverage from the Patriots as they go man to man with the Seahawks wide receivers and more than 15 minutes into the game, Russell Wilson is yet to complete at pass.

How big a loss will Jeremy Lane be?


New England Patriots 7-7 Seattle Seahawks 

Marshawn Lynch levels things up from close range after Matthews brilliant catch a couple of plays previously.

Game on Ger:

Source: Andrew Jerell Jones/Vine


New England Patriots 14-7 Seattle Seahawks

Rob Gronkowski makes the touchdown grab as the Seahawks are found out in man coverage with KJ Wright on the New England tight end. Just over 90 second left in the half.

Source: Nick Hove/Vine

Vine: Nick Hove


New England Patriots 14-14 Seattle Sehawks

With just seconds left in the half, the Seahawks tie the game through Chris Matthews but the coverage from Logan Ryan leaves an awful lot to be desired:

Source: Cesar Martinez Rojas/Vine

Vine: James Dart

Half-time -

Right, I’m off for some half time oranges. The Patriots will have to be very disappointed with going into the break level as they’ve been the best team by far in this game.

Who had Chris Matthews for Super Bowl MVP?

The second half is about to get under way. Who’s your money on now?

I can’t pick between the sharks and beach balls:

Field Goal -

Seattle Seahawks 17-14 New England Patriots

Seattle take the lead for the first time in the game thanks to a 27-yard field goal from Hauschka with 11.09 left in the third quarter.

Here’s how good Chris Matthews has been this evening:

For as good as the Patriots were in the first half on offence and defence, they’ve been mediocre in the second. Unfortunately for New England, the game plan they started the game with relied on them staying ahead throughout and it looks like they’re struggling with a plan b.

That’s a big stop from the Patriots defence but they need to score on this drive or you have to imagine the Seahawks ground game can just eat up the clock and win the game.

As touchdown celebrations go. This was a bit weird from Doug Baldwin:


Seattle Seahawks 21-24 Seattle Seahawks

And it’s not over just yet. Tom Brady finds Danny Amendola in the back of the endzone and we have a three point game with just less than eight minutes to go:

Source: Ale Padin/Vine

Vine: Ale Padin

All those underneath passes in man coverage are starting to pay dividends for the Patriots again as New England get back into the endzone.

A field goal will win it, a touchdown will take the lead. Just over three minutes remain.

And if you’re wondering, the Patriots have already taken four minutes off the clock on this drive.

With first and goal, we’ll probably see a couple of runs and then the attempt at the slant pass to Gronk.

There was ALWAYS going to be a GAA jersey at the Super Bowl, wasn’t there?


New England Patriots 28-24 Seattle Seahawks

And the Patriots take the lead with just over two minutes remaining. Tom Brady finds Julian Edelman on the fade route and Seattle need a touchdown:

Source: Paul Jackiewicz/Vine

Vine: Paul Jackiewicz


And for some reason the Seahawks decide to throw the football and Russell Wilson is picked off and the New England Patriots are about to win Super Bowl XLIX:


Vine: Andrew Jerell Jones


I will never, as long as I live, understand why this man did not get the football at the end of the game:

And that’s all from me. Congratulations to the Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their Super Bowl win.

Brady becomes just the third quarterback to win a fourth Super Bowl but questions will remain about the Seahawks play calling at the end.

Super Bowl Football Tom Brady celebrates his fourth Super Bowl title. Source: Patrick Semansky

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