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Dublin: 2°C Sunday 17 January 2021


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AFTER A HIGHLY enjoyable first weekend of football league action, week two started with a cracker between Dublin and Donegal at Croke Park last night. Hopefully today’s games live up to last night’s encounter.

We’re following the action all the way.

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Full time scores

Division One

Derry 0-13 Kerry 1-17

Mayo 1-07 Tyrone 1-11

Monaghan 1-16 Cork 2-14


Division Two

Westmeath 2-12 Galway 2-13


Division Three

Tipperary 1-14 Limerick 1-02

Louth 1-16 Clare 0-13

Sligo 0-12 Fermanagh 0-14

Wexford 1-08 Armagh 2-13


Division Four

Longford 0-14 Antrim 0-13

Offaly 0-13 Waterford 1-04

FT: Carlow 2-09 London 0-13

Wicklow 0-11 Leitrim 0-10


Hello everyone and welcome to our Sunday match tracker.

Here is all the football we have to look forward to today.

Division One

Derry vs Kerry

Mayo vs Tyrone

Monaghan vs Cork


Division Two

Westmeath vs Galway


Division Three

Tipperary vs Limerick

Louth vs Clare

Sligo vs Fermanagh

Wexford vs Armagh


Division Four

Longford vs Antrim

Offaly vs Waterford

Carlow vs London

Wicklow vs Leitrim

All the games kick off at 2pm except Carlow vs London, which started at 1pm. Carlow currently lead that game by 0-02 to 0-01.

There has already been one Division One game played this weekend as Dublin (partly) avenged last August’s All-Ireland semi-final loss to Donegal with a 2-10 to 0-11 win.

And in Division Two, there were wins for Meath, Roscommon and Cavan last night.

Derry vs Kerry will be an important game since both sides started with losses last weekend. Likewise, Tyrone won’t want to lose again when they travel to Mayo. Two opening losses would be hard to come back from in such a competitive league.

It is half time in Carlow and London lead by 0-05 to 0-04 in their Division Four clash.

The Cork team arrived earlier for their game against Monaghan.

Cork players arrive for the game Source: Presseye/Andrew Paton/INPHO

Five minutes to throw-in, are you excited yet?

Derry 0-00 Kerry 0-01

Paul Geaney gets Kerry off the mark after 13 seconds.

Mayo 0-00 Tyrone 0-01

Darren McCurry opens the scoring for Mickey Harte’s men.

Derry 0-01 Kerry 0-02

An early flurry of scores see the Kingdom lead by one.

Mayo 0-00 Tyrone 0-02

Cathal McShane kicks a nice score to double Tyrone’s lead.

Westmeath 0-00 Galway 1-02

Sensational opening five minutes for Galway in Mullingar as they lead by five.

Patrick Sweeney got the goal for Galway.

Monaghan 0-01 Cork 0-00

Fintan Kelly kicks the first score for Monaghan.

Westmeath 0-01 Galway 1-02

Westmeath open their account with a free.

Derry 0-02 Kerry 0-03

A Bryan Sheehan free restores Kerry’s lead.

Mayo 0-01 Tyrone 0-03

Mattie Donnelly kicks a long range point for Tyrone.

Louth 0-01 Clare 0-04

Clare have started strongly away to Louth.

Limerick 0-00 Tipperary 0-03

And Tipperary have enjoyed a dominant opening ten minutes too.

Westmeath 0-02 Galway 1-03

Patrick Sweeney kicks another score for The Tribesmen.

Monaghan 0-02 Cork 0-02

Mayo 0-01 Tyrone 0-04

Colm O’Neill kicks a free for Cork while Sean Cavanagh points for Tyrone.

Derry 0-03 Kerry 0-04

Mayo 0-02 Tyrone 0-04

Bryan Sheehan kicks another point for Kerry while Mark Ronaldson reduces the gap for Mayo.

Wexford 0-04 Armagh 0-00

Two Adrian Flynn points have helped Wexford to an early lead against Kieran McGeeney’s Armagh.

Westmeath 1-03 Galway 1-03

A goal for Ger Egan has levelled the game.

Sligo 0-03 Fermanagh 0-03

A free from Mark Breheny has tied this game too.

Derry 0-04 Kerry 0-05

Keane and Gerard O’Kane swap points.

Mayo 0-03 Tyrone 0-05

Mickey Conroy scores for Mayo but Tyrone respond with a free from goalkeeper Niall Morgan.

Derry 0-05 Kerry 0-05

A free from Mark Lynch has tied it up.

Monaghan 0-03 Cork 0-04

Another free from Colm O’Neill gives Cork their first lead of the day.

Derry 0-05 Kerry 0-06

Another Bryan Sheehan free puts Kerry ahead once more.

Limerick 0-00 Tipperary 0-06

What a start from the Premier County! Over 20 minutes gone and they are pulling away in Limerick.

Westmeath 1-3 Galway 2-5

A goal for Shane Walsh has given Galway a five-point cushion.

Derry 0-05 Kerry 0-07

Two more Sheehan frees for Kerry. Great start from placed balls for the sharpshooter.

Derry 0-05 Kerry 0-08 

And now Jack Sherwood gives Kerry their largest lead of the day with another score.

Mayo 0-03 Tyrone 0-06

McCurry kicks his second of the day for Tyrone. Great response by Mickey Harte’s men to last weekend’s collapse against Monaghan.

Derry 0-06 Kerry 0-09

The two sides swap points but Kerry maintain their three-point lead.

Sligo 0-05 Fermanagh 0-05

Adrian Marren levels up a close affair in Sligo.

Mayo 0-03 Tyrone 0-07

Tiernan McCann gives Tyrone their largest lead of the day with a fine score.

Derry 0-07 Kerry 0-09

Benny Heron converts a free for Derry.

Monaghan 1-04 Cork 0-05

Kieran Hughes goals for Monaghan but Donncha O’Connor responds for Cork.

Westmeath 2-4 Galway 2-5

Kieran Martin goals for the home side. A very exciting half of Division Two football here.

Monaghan 1-05 Cork 0-05

Paul Finley increases Monaghan’s lead to three.

Derry 0-07 Kerry 0-10

Mayo 0-03 Tyrone 0-08

Stephen O’Brien fist the ball over the bar for Kerry while Niall Morgan hits another free for Tyrone.

Westmeath 2-04 Galway 2-06

Danny Cummins kicks a point for Galway just before half time.

Monaghan 1-05 Cork 0-06

Donncha O’Connor reduces the gap for Cork.

Mayo 0-04 Tyrone 0-08

Derry 0-07 Kerry 0-10

Jason Doherty narrows the gap with a free while it is half time between Derry and Kerry.

Mayo 0-04 Tyrone 0-08

It is also half time between Mayo and Tyrone.

Westmeath 2-6 Galway 2-6

Westmeath looked to have tied it up at half time with another free.

If you look at the top of this story you will see all the half time scores from around the leagues. However, Carlow vs London is a full time score.

Correction on the Monaghan vs Cork score, a late O’Connor free has reduced the gap to one.

Mayo 0-05 Tyrone 0-08

Jason Doherty opens the second half with a point for Mayo.

Derry 0-08 Kerry 0-10

Eoin Bradley kicks a point for Derry.

Derry 0-09 Kerry 0-10

Another Bradley free reduces the deficit to one point.

Mayo 0-05 Tyrone 0-09

Mattie Donnelly kicks his second point for Tyrone.

Derry 0-09 Kerry 0-11

Yet another free from Sheehan gets Kerry off the mark in the second half.

Mayo 0-05 Tyrone 0-10

McCurry’s third point sees Tyrone begin to pull away.

Derry 0-09 Kerry 0-12

Westmeath 2-06 Galway 2-08

Paul Geaney brings Kerry’s advantage to three while Galway start the second half with two quick scores.

Westmeath 2-08 Galway 2-08

As they have all game, Westmeath hit back once more and we are level once again.

Derry 0-09 Kerry 0-13

Another point from Geaney and Kerry have scored three in-a-row.

Wexford 0-05 Armagh 1-09

After starting the match four points down, Armagh have roared back to open up a seven point lead.

Monaghan 1-07 Cork 0-08

A Conor McManus free starts the second half in Mongahan, which was delayed by five minutes.

RED CARD! Derry 0-09 Kerry 0-13

Things go from bad to worse for Derry as Mark Lynch is shown a red card.

Monaghan 1-08 Cork 0-09

The two sides swap points early in the second half.

Mayo 1-05 Tyrone 0-10

Derry 0-10 Kerry 0-13

Cillian O’Connor bags a much-needed goal for the home side as Derry respond with a free.

Monaghan 1-09 Cork 0-08

Two Conor McManus frees see the Farney County move into a four-point lead.

Monaghan 1-09 Cork 1-08

Colm O’Neill goals for Cork at the perfect time as it looked like the home side were beginning to pull away.

Westmeath 2-09 Galway 2-08

Westmeath take the lead for the first time today.

Derry 0-11 Kerry 0-13

Monaghan 1-09 Cork 1-09

An Eoin Bradley frees pulls 14-man Derry even closer to the All-Ireland champions while Cork have levelled their match with Monaghan.

Derry 0-11 Kerry 0-14

Westmeath 2-09 Galway 2-09

Sheehan points again for Kerry while Galway level it up in Westmeath.

Monaghan 1-11 Cork 1-09

Conor McManus helps the home side back into the lead once more.

Mayo 1-06 Tyrone 1-10

Peter Harte goals for Tyrone and Cillian O’Connor kicks a score at the other end.

Derry 0-12 Kerry 1-14

Paul Geaney goals for Kerry against 14-man Derry.

Monaghan 1-13 Cork 1-09

McManus continues to cause problems for Cork as they move into a four-point lead.

Derry 0-13 Kerry 1-14

Fionn Fitzgerald picks up a black card for a foul and Bradley points the free.

Monaghan 1-13 Cork 1-10

Colm O’Neill stops the rot with a point from a free.

Derry 0-13 Kerry 1-15

Mayo 1-06 Tyrone 1-11

Geaney and McCurry give five-point leads to Kerry and Tyrone respectively.

Westmeath 2-10 Galway 2-12

With ten minutes to go, Galway lead by two points.

Monaghan 1-13 Cork 2-10

Colm O’Neill nets his second goal for Cork. He has been excellent today.

Monaghan 1-13 Cork 2-11

And now an O’Neill free gives Cork the lead.

Wexford 1-06 Armagh 2-13

It looks like Kieran McGeeney’s men will leave Wexford with two points.

Derry 0-13 Kerry 1-16

Sheehan’s seventh point looks to have put Kerry out of sight in Derry.

Monaghan 1-14 Cork 2-11

A Paul Finley free levels the game once more.

Tipperary 1-14 Limerick 1-02

A very comprehensive win for Tipperary is on the cards at the moment.

Monaghan 1-15 Cork 2-12

The two sides swap scores as the game enters the final ten minutes.

Derry 0-13 Kerry 1-17

Paul Geaney takes his tally to 1-05 from play with another point.

It is all over in Derry and Kerry have won by 1-17 to 0-13.

FT Mayo 1-07 Tyrone 1-11

And Tyrone have gotten their first win of the season too.

Monaghan 1-15 Cork 2-13

The Rebels have taken a late lead now.

All the games are at full time now and have been updated above, with the exception of Monaghan vs Cork.

Monaghan 1-16 Cork 2-13

McManus levels the game with a free. There are five minutes left.

Monaghan 1-16 Cork 2-14

Cork take the lead with an injury time point.

FT Monaghan 1-16 Cork 2-14

Monaghan miss a late free and Colm O’Neill’s injury time point proves the winner.

That is all for our match tracker today. Check back in a few minutes for reports and round-ups from all today’s action.

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